YouTube channels are stolen and sold

Whether it’s games, music or art, one thing is clear: we will NFT no longer go. Digital currency trading is too lucrative. While some developers try to rely on the wave of innovation swimming and joining the non-fungible token trend is something many are experimenting with Content creator currently the negative sides of NFTs first hand.

Criminal connections to NFTs

The NFT craze is taking on absurd proportions. YouTuber and Twitch Streamer you have to fight against the end times unauthorized monetization of their content fight back For example, the most popular clips were stolen from Twitch streamers and sold on an NFT website.

Following numerous complaints from streamers and their communities, this site no longer exists. However, YouTubers still face similar issues. They are frustrated as their copyrighted material continues to be sold illegally from their channels.

YouTube channels are converted to NFT

Use the thieves “struck”to convert content from YouTube content creators to NFT. By “minting” an NFT, digital objects such as images or music can become part of the blockchain currency Ethereum will be.

This is the most viable way to monetize digitized works, as it is based on the principle of “Proof of Stake” based. We have what this means for you in our NFT report, Blockchain and cryptogaming abstract.

The biggest problem with this is that no one monitors the sale of the works. Anyone can like on the sites OpenSeas Claim the work of others as your own and offer it for sale.

Creators are hardly protected in this regard. For example, Stephanie Sterling’s entire chain was listed for sale on the NFT OpenSeas site. She discovered it by Twitter and expressed himself as follows:

“I didn’t agree with that, I don’t want to, and that goes to show everything I said about disrespecting and exploiting this market.”

Nothing is sacred for NFT-Minters

The madness also gets so out of hand that the Reactions from YouTubers affected by the theft turned into NFTs as a form of trolling will be.

Worse still, some abusers aren’t afraid to walk away from trolling and intrusive content Posting that may endanger the public perception of YouTubers.

It happened Alanah Pearce from Sony Studios Santa Monica, which has also been caught in the crossfire of the NFT craze. NFT makers used unauthorized photos of her and put her on the cover of a porn magazine. The painting was later sold at auction as an NFT.

Pierce took it quite calmly on Twitter, but she was very happy his tweet on the upcoming trial.

What do you think of these developments in the NFT world?

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