Why and how we work with UNICEF

Updated on 04/21/2022 at 4:45 p.m.

  • The WEB.DE, GMX and 1&1 brands have supported UNICEF’s work around the world since 2006.
  • With its United Internet for UNICEF foundation, the Group draws attention to humanitarian crises and encourages customers to donate.
  • The company makes various resources available for this purpose and increases the amount of donations with regular special campaigns.

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Ralph Dommermuth, founder and CEO of United Internet AG, and Tessa Page, a qualified lawyer, jointly established the United Internet for UNICEF Foundation in 2006. The stated goal was – and still is – to use the reach and know-how service provider’s digital data for humanitarian purposes. Donations for charitable projects were to be collected only via online fundraising via email and on the websites of WEB.DE, GMX and 1&1.

UNICEF Germany as a strong and reliable partner

The ideal organization for a promising partnership was soon found in UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund. UNICEF was chosen for several reasons: Global projects, many years of experience and sustainable programs are just as important as intensive cooperation with the local population.

UNICEF provides long-term assistance, but is also a responsive partner in emergency assistance. In addition, the use of donations is subject to strict controls. Both UNICEF representations in program countries and local partners are regularly monitored to ensure that funds are being used correctly. An extremely important factor, since the United Internet for UNICEF foundation donates 100% of donations to UNICEF.

The United Internet Foundation for UNICEF has worked with the United Nations Children’s Fund since 2006. UNICEF provides long-term assistance, but is also a responsive and reliable partner in emergency relief. In doing so, UNICEF benefits from its many years of experience and global presence.

Interdisciplinary teamwork as a recipe for success

A permanent employee works for the foundation and is paid by United Internet AG. In close collaboration with foundation president Tessa Page, editor-in-chief Thomas Rebbe, UNICEF Germany and an interdisciplinary team from the company, she designs and coordinates communication and fundraising campaigns.

Supported by a product manager and employees from areas such as marketing, graphics, development and data management, four regular newsletter campaigns are implemented each year for the brands WEB.DE, GMX, 1&1 and since. 2020 also for IONOS.

In addition, there are emergency aid campaigns in humanitarian crisis situations, for example after natural disasters or in conflict and war zones. As an annual Christmas campaign, United Internet AG doubles the first three monthly contributions of newly concluded UNICEF sponsorships.

From left to right: Ralph Dommermuth, CEO of United Internet AG, Tessa Page, CEO of United Internet for UNICEF and Georg Graf Waldersee, CEO of UNICEF Germany, presenting the check for 50 million euros in October 2020 – a another important step in the partnership.

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Key points and future of the foundation’s work

The main topics and target countries are carefully selected by Tessa Page in consultation with foundation employees and UNICEF Germany. For example, the humanitarian situation in Yemen has played an important role in the work of the foundation for several years. The effects of the corona pandemic and the consequences of climate change will continue to be in focus, as will projects on equity in education, the protection of children’s rights and the promotion of sustainable health measures.

The foundation regularly visits foreign-funded projects to see first-hand their success and how donations are used sustainably. United Internet for UNICEF also supports research projects, for example to effectively prevent child marriage. Thanks to many years of intensive cooperation with UNICEF and the great commitment of everyone involved, the foundation can look back on more than 15 years of success. As the largest corporate partner of UNICEF Germany and with more than 14,000 loyal UNICEF sponsors, the foundation is well positioned to meet future challenges.

“We will continue to work hard to ensure long-term social improvements in the lives of children in need. Along with education, medical care, nutrition, protection from violence and abuse, this also includes protection of the children’s right to a healthy climate. a subject that interests us very seriously and which we deal with”, assures Tessa Page.

Family with four daughters and sons in Senegal

United Internet for UNICEF has been campaigning for the rights and well-being of girls and boys since 2006. With 58 million euros, the foundation has supported UNICEF projects all over the world over the past 15 years. The photo gallery takes you to different countries of the project and shows what donations can achieve.

teaser image: © United Internet for UNICEF

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