Wendy’s opens in Metaverse from Meta


Wendy's opens in Metaverse from Meta

Image: Wend’ys/Meta


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The following video shows some scenes from the “Wendyverse”.

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With burger chain Wendy’s, Meta gives a first look at what marketing Horizon Worlds might look like.

Starting April 2, visitors to Metas Horizon Worlds can enter a virtual branch of Wendy’s. Wendy’s is the third largest hamburger fast food chain in the world after McDonald’s and Burger King and is particularly popular in the United States.

Ready Player Bun: Welcome to the Wendyverse

Wendy’s “Wendyverse” is based on Meta’s Horizon technology, similar to how Nikeland by Nike is set in the Roblox universe. So anyone who is already on the go in Horizon Worlds can access Wendy’s digital restaurant from there without additional login or download. The Wendyverse is only available to Quest 2 users at this time.

Wendy's virtual basketball court is played with burgers...

Burgers are played on Wendy’s virtual basketball court. | Image: Wendy’s/Meta

The world of Wendy’s Horizon is divided into two areas: the Wendy’s virtual restaurant downtown and an additional basketball court, the “BiscuitDome”, where users can play basketball with ham burgers. Wendy’s-branded Easter eggs and various interactive elements are also hidden in and around the restaurant.

A real food ordering service from virtual reality, as envisioned in McDonald’s patents, is not mentioned in the ad. However, there is probably the possibility of earning vouchers for real Wendy’s branches in VR.


Meta activates Horizon creators

According to Meta, Wendy’s collaborates on Wendyverse with Horizon Creators, people outside of Meta who use the tools provided by Meta to create their own VR worlds, either for money or for fun. In this context, Meta wants to expand in the Metaverse market and earn money as an infrastructure provider through possible future transactions.

Horizon Worlds has been available to virtual reality users in Canada and the United States since late 2021. It is not yet known when the digital world will open worldwide. Meta also plans to extend Horizon Worlds to smartphones.

Other building blocks of the company’s metaverse are the Horizon Home virtual lounge, the Horizon Workrooms coworking app, and the Horizon Venues event app.

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