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VerkehrsRundschau, the Munich magazine for freight forwarding, transport and logistics, awards the VR Award for the third time. The coveted prizes were awarded in the three categories of training, digitization and environmental protection. There was also a public prize.

The VerkehrsRundschau presented the VR Awards for the third time on May 5. At the VerkehrsRundschau gala at the Hotel “Bayerischer Hof” in Munich, the trade magazine honored transport and logistics companies, manufacturers, service providers and cooperations that have shown special or particularly innovative achievements in the categories “Training”, “Digitization” or “Environmental Protection”. implemented the idea. In addition, the guests of the VR gala chose the winner in the “People’s Choice” category. Here are the winners and their concepts:


Volvo Trucks wins manufacturer/service provider category

Swedish truck manufacturer Volvo wins this year’s VR Environment Award in the service provider category. The jury was impressed by the range of trucks equipped with alternative drive systems. Unlike its competitors, Volvo now offers an electric model suitable for almost any transport task. Common to all models is the electric powertrain, which relies on up to three electric motors and the i-Shift transmission familiar to diesel trucks. “Certainly a model for truck OEMs around the world,” said a member of the judging panel.

Meyer Logistik, Rhenus and Havi Logistics succeed in the Cooperation category

Havi Logistics, Meyer Logistik and Rhenus have founded a cooperation under the title “Climate protection knows no competition!”. The three logistics service providers do not just test a wide variety of drives: from hybrid to electric, from LNG to aerial trucks. They exchange experiences with each other, share them with the commercial vehicle industry and place demands on manufacturers and politicians. Although there are setbacks from time to time, the trio are not discouraged and are already considering using hydrogen trucks. For this initiative there was the VRUmwelt-Award in the category cooperation.


Schuon wins the Transport/Logistics category

Alfred Schuon GmbH was awarded first place in the education and further education/transport and logistics category. With the Entry Qualification Year (EQJ), Schuon enables disadvantaged or underachieving young people in particular to have an alternative route to an apprenticeship. The EQJ is a state-funded internship. The aim of the pre-vocational measure, which lasts half a year or a whole year, is acceptance into regular learning. At the start of the training in September 2021, Schuon was able to hire a graduate after an EQJ as a future storekeeper in the second year of training.

Krone wins in the manufacturer/service provider category

The winner in the training and continuing education/manufacturer category is Krone. The prize is awarded to the automaker’s digital work student project, which launched in August 2021. Three students are currently involved in the project. The particularity: You can work from different European countries. Junior employees have direct access to Krone Group projects – for example in the areas of machine learning, big data analysis or Web 3.0. They also take part in job interviews for future work-study students and can give their opinion on the selection of successors.

Daimler Truck, DB Schenker, Lufthansa Cargo, Lufthansa Innovation Hub, Onomation and Time Matters won the Cooperation category

Their joint “Green Mobility Trainee” program saw Daimler Truck, DB Schenker, Lufthansa Cargo, Lufthansa Innovation Hub, Onomotion and Time Matters take first place in the training and continuing education/cooperation category. The first five participants in the program started their “Green Mobility Trainee” in April 2022. During these two years, they work on four projects in the partner companies. In all projects, interns can choose which four of the six participating companies they wish to join. Projects must focus on sustainability.


Trucksters wins manufacturer/service provider category

Trucksters receives the VR award in the field of digitization/service providers. The Spanish start-up uses artificial intelligence to adapt a centuries-old idea to long-distance road transport: the principle of the post rider as a relay system between truck drivers. With the big data-based freight service, routes are planned by an algorithm that optimizes delivery time, cost, and overnight variables; the schedule is communicated to the drivers in real time via a mobile application. An advantage brought by the solution: according to the company’s calculations, the transit time in long-distance traffic could be reduced by up to 50%.

Hartmann International and Smartlane rewarded in the Cooperation category

Automated layout and route planning for general cargo – only a few transport companies dare to do this. Hartmann International has taken the step towards automated scheduling with software provider Smartlane. The project was launched at the entry of groupage goods. What the jury particularly appreciates in the solution is the short implementation time. The efficiency benefit is also impressive: automated optimization for the 1,200 daily planned delivery orders only takes 30 minutes. This is a massive relief for dispatchers. The VR award in the field of digitization/cooperation goes to Hartmann International and Smartlane.


Appointment 1: Palfinger
The Austrian company has developed a fully electric drive for loader cranes, called eDrive. It runs much quieter compared to the operation of the truck’s diesel engine. Under the best conditions, the manufacturer also wants to be able to achieve savings of up to 80%.

Appointment 2: Contargo and Heidelberg University of Education
In cooperation with the climate change education project of the Heidelberg University of Education, Contargo offers its interns and work-study students the opportunity to participate in an intern workshop on climate. The objective is to introduce young employees to the challenges of sustainable development in their professional environment and to make them relay these challenges to customers and employees.

Appointment 3: logistics stand
Logistikbude, a start-up from Dortmund, has developed web-based software with an app for load carrier management. Account management is extended by automatic account reconciliation and associated with charge carrier monitoring. The automatic reconciliation of exchange accounts not only reduces staff costs but also the time between the physical exchange and the accounting close.#

About VR prices

Every two years, at its gala, VerkehrsRundschau honors transport and logistics companies, partnerships, manufacturers and service providers who have demonstrated particular achievements in the areas of “training”, “protection environment” and “digitalization”.

The selection is made by juries, made up of specialist editors from VerkehrsRundschau and renowned experts:

  • Birgit Faßbender, Department G 14 – Freight Transport and Logistics, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
  • Dr. Anne Wagenpfeil, Head of Personnel Management/Training at TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH, Munich
  • Teacher. Dr. Wolfgang Kersten, Director of the Institute for Logistics and Business Management at the Technical University of Hamburg
  • Joachim Getto, Partner, Infront Consulting & Management GmbH
  • Martin Schmied, Head of Department “Traffic, Noise and Spatial Development” at the Federal Environment Agency, Dessau-Roßlau
  • Pascal Mast, Director New Technologies and Sustainable Services, TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH
  • Teacher. Julia Hartmann, EBS University of Economics and Law, Wiesbaden

The first winners will be rewarded. In addition, the VerkehrsRundschau presented three innovative projects in the “People’s Choice” category, from which the guests of the VerkehrsRundschau Gala chose the winner.

General information on the individual prices can be found at

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