Ukraine opens NFT War Museum

Ukraine has launched a virtual war museum on Ethereum and Polygon blockchains in the form of NFTs. The profits go directly into the state coffers.

Virtual War Museum

Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation has announced the launch of a new war museum consisting of NFTs. Proceeds from the sale of these tokens will be used to support the ministry.

Each of the special NFTs would cost 0.15 ETH. The funds from the NFT sale go directly to the country and are used for the various projects of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Launch announced today

Despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, the country’s Ministry of Digital Transformation has launched a virtual museum running on decentralized platforms. The Meta History Museum of War is made up entirely of NFTs.

The Online Gallery Collection is an online museum covering recent events in the Russian-Ukrainian War, featuring personal reflections by Ukrainian and international digital artists.

A pig in a poke is bought

Each image is linked to a unique NFT created by the Fair NFT platform through the Ethereum blockchain and the Polygon network.

The patterns only become visible after purchase, before that they cannot be viewed. Only then does the buyer know what to expect. The museum says:

You reveal the truth by purchasing MetaHistory.

The chronological sale is specified

Each individual NFT in the “Warline” series currently costs the equivalent of 498 US dollars (0.15 ETH). In addition to the fixed price, there is another requirement: NFTs can only be purchased in chronological order.

Mykhalio Fedorov, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, called the new platform a
“Place of preservation of the memory of the war [und] to celebrate Ukrainian identity and freedom.

NFT sale funds will be used directly to support official Ministry of Digital Transformation cryptocurrency accounts to support military and civilian relief.

Crypto support during the war

Over $100 million worth of cryptocurrencies have already been donated to help with the Ukrainian conflict. Data from analytics website Merkle Science shows that most of the money involved went directly to the Ukrainian government.

Last month, UkraineDAO raised $6.75 million in Ethereum by selling an NFT depicting the Ukrainian flag, setting a new record for crypto fundraising.

The Platform Fair wrote:

NFTs have shown the world the power of community and the importance of the voice of the masses and the individual.

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