Top analyst predicts imminent price explosion

Bitcoin disappoints, but Ethereum surprises all the more. Analysts expect new highs. What this means for the crypto market.

New highs for Ethereum. That’s what the best analysts say.

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Bitcoin falls short of expectations, fails to exceed critical level. Because it comes with Ethereum Life in Progress: The No. 2 cryptocurrency by market cap is heating up, analysts expect fresh highs in the near term. This, in turn, could drag down the entire alternative cryptocurrency market. Should we take a look at altcoins now?

Bitcoin disappoints, Ethereum surprises

Hopes were high, November should be Bitcoin’s bull month. Top analyst “PlanB” announced a price target of at least $98,000 some time ago – but things turned out differently. The key currency has not been able to show any particular strength over the past four weeks, on the contrary: BTC has suffered a loss of almost 7% since October (data from and has been exposed to several times to sudden drops. As a result of the fixes, the number of lost bitcoin addresses even recently hit a monthly high of 5.62 million, according to blockchain researchers at Glassnode. Bitcoin is currently (at the time of this writing) trading at $57,000, well below expected prices. More than 17% separates the current price from the all-time high. Comments from PlanB charting guru: No forecasting model is perfect.

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