This is how Europeans are curious about the Metaverse

Shutterstock/Thapana Onphalai

Shutterstock/Thapana Onphalai

According to a study by, the French and the British are the most interested in the Metaverse. The least research on the subject comes from Sweden.

A study recently published by examines what Europeans think of the “metaverse” trending topic and which countries are the most enthusiastic about new technologies.

With 1,020 and 942 searches per million Internet users respectively, residents of France and Great Britain are the most interested in the metaverse; followed by Switzerland in third place and Germany in fourth place. Sweden is at the bottom of the pack with 304 searches on the subject.

study results

The following graph shows the average number of online searches for the subject “Metaverse” (at the beginning of February 2022) and also shows a corresponding extrapolation to one million Internet users per country.

These European countries are the most curious of the metaverse

rank country Average searches per 1 million internet users Average Monthly Searches
1 France 1,020 60,640
2 Britain 942 61,220
3 Swiss 831 6,600
4 Germany 778 60,500
5 Belgium 659 6,600
6 Ireland 398 1,600
7 Portugal 344 2,620
8th Netherlands 340 5,400
9 Italy 326 16,500
ten Sweden 304 2,900

Commenting on the study, Rafael Sweary, President and Co-Founder of, said, “The emergence of the metaverse has opened the door to endless possibilities, blurring the line between the virtual and physical worlds.

The new (virtual) reality

With the help of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), as well as with the help of blockchain technologies, an environment that looks as real as possible is created. In this, Internet users can move freely in the form of avatars.

SaaS company Walkme used the SEMrush analytics tool to search its database using the search term “metaverse”. The average search activity for this keyword in 27 European countries was determined. In order to ensure the reliability of the data, the term has been used not only in English but also, where possible and necessary, in the national languages. The monthly search activity thus obtained was then compensated by the total number of Internet users in the respective countries and extrapolated to one million Internet users.

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