These 5 countries have the most jobs

Blockchain technology is revolutionary and innovative. In a very short time, an industry worth billions has grown up around them. But the growth has been too fast: there are more jobs than qualified talent with skills in areas such as Java, machine learning, Python and artificial intelligence (AI).

Crypto and AI professions

There is a growing demand for workers with crypto skills. The industry is new and growing at an incredible rate. As a result, interested parties sometimes did not have time to develop the necessary skills.

Small Business Pricing analyzed which countries advertise the most crypto jobs. Job offers have been published on the site Glass door examined (status: 03/10/2022). In the following we show you the five countries with the best job prospects in blockchain, bitcoin and co.

1. United States

A recent survey of job exchanges freak recently confirmed that most crypto-related jobs are in the United States. With a total of 3,893 vacancies in the blockchain sector, the country would be at the top. Searching for jobs with the keywords cryptocurrency, blockchain or bitcoin also increased by 194% in one year (2017-2018).

The bidding companies, mainly from sectors such as technology, financial services, software and hardware, accounting and security, are mainly located in the following cities:

  • san francisco
  • New York
  • Los Angeles

2. United Kingdom

There are said to be a total of 954 jobs advertised in the blockchain technology sector in the UK. The industries that rely on crypto are the same as in the United States, in addition, blockchain technology is also used in the media industry and publishing in the United Kingdom.

The best locations in the UK for a crypto job are:

  • London
  • Cambridge
  • Greenford
  • Manchester
  • Glasgow

3. Canada

Canada ranks third in the analysis with 386 advertised positions. In North America, industries such as IT and energy providers are already benefiting from blockchain technology. The following cities in particular can be described as crypto hotspots:

4. Australia

Australia is huge in terms of area, but sparsely populated. It is only in the metropolises of the continent that there are significant advertised positions. These should also relate to areas such as IT, web technology, finance, hardware and software. There is also the area of ​​consulting. There are a total of 236 vacancies. However, there should always be the possibility to advise companies on effective and innovative blockchain solutions. Also a good opportunity to start your own business with your expertise.

5. South Africa

Finally, South Africa is in the top 5 for crypto jobs with 36 jobs. The usual industries are also represented here. Again, this should only be the big cities where blockchain-related companies are setting up shop:

  • The cap
  • Johannesburg
  • centurion

Germany has not yet entered the top 5 of the ranking. But German experts can also apply for high-paying crypto jobs around the world via a job exchange.

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