The Sandbox: Metaverse partners with cybersecurity firm Ledger

The sandbox and great books, a hardware and software security company in the crypto space and Web3, will work together in the future. As part of this partnership, Ledger is making its industry-leading security technology available to users of The Sandbox.

The cooperation will benefit the 2.2 million registered users of The sandbox essential security features, support and best practices. Additionally, millions of great books-Users from over 180 countries secure their assets in the Metaverse.

The sandbox and great books have set themselves the goal of putting an end to scammers and hackers in the cryptocurrency and NFT scene. Through unique experiences, the goal is to provide the community with the knowledge to protect their crypto assets.

The sandbox and great books together create an attractive and safe space for crypto beginners as the open metaverse continues to grow. the SandboxThe gaming platform provides the perfect environment for users to thrive through unique and playful experiences with the support of great books-Teams to learn.

In return, The sandbox to great books-Team 36 LANDs available to build its security and education hub in the Metaverse, which also includes an office hours bar. There, users can get in direct contact with the great books-Contact customer support. In addition, other basic support functions are offered, such as a school, which provides access to unique gamified educational experiences and the great books-Offers from the Academy.

great books and The sandbox strongly believe that learning processes are best initiated through direct experience. so power great books Leverages a core value proposition of The Sandbox – digital property in games – to develop playful educational experiences. In collaboration with creative agency Swipe Back, experiences are created that reward players with unique collectibles. At the same time, an advantage will be created around these prizes to allow winners to access other exclusive experiences.

However, the cooperation goes beyond the basics of information and education: first-class devices from great books provide users with the safest and most enjoyable experience for immersing themselves in the sandbox metaverse.

great books will also be exclusive co-branded material for LAND owners in The sandbox manufacture so that they can protect their digital assets in the best possible way. Moreover, the market The sandbox in Ledger Live integrated so that users can access their assets and collectibles directly from their secure device.

“The metaverse should provide unlimited opportunities for creators and communities to easily co-create and share ideas and experiences,” comments Sébastien Borget, COO and co-founder of The sandbox. “We partnered with Ledger to implement these experiences, scale them, and provide easy access. Thanks to the growth of The sandbox, we are particularly attentive to reconciling the autonomy of users with their security. Ledger is the perfect partner to help us implement innovative ideas while retaining user assets. The sandbox protect.”

“Anyone using Web3 needs to know how to protect their assets from hackers and scammers,” he said. Ian Rogers, Director of Experience at great books. “The partnership with The sandbox allow great booksto implement unique Metaverse initiatives in the areas of education, security and support. We are always finding new ways to keep our users safe wherever they are. The LedgerVerse will teach them how to properly store their keys, protect their assets, and navigate the web3 securely.

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