The Rotary Club Velbert supports African Angel

Harriet Bruce-Annan, students Rachel and Daniel, and some members of the Velbert Rotary Club at the meeting. Photo: private

Velbert. The Rotary Club Velbert has supported African Angel for many years. The association takes care of the children on site, takes them out of the slums and offers them the opportunity to learn and work.

Rainer Kischke reports on the work of African Angel and the commitment of Rotarians as follows: Harriet Bruce-Annan, holder of the Federal Cross of Merit, founded the association African Angel in 2002 to support the children of her country of origin, Ghana. They are mainly children from the slums of Bukom near the capital Accra. The aim is to provide safe housing for children in the slums and give them the opportunity to go to school.

Harriet Bruce-Annan collected donations with a high degree of personal commitment and also worked as a housekeeper to bring hope and perspective to as many children as possible. People involved in the association and many small and large donations have made incredible things possible: The African Angel project now runs a small village consisting of houses, a school, agricultural land and workshops. Further information can be found at

“Educational opportunities in Ghana often do not meet the country’s needs,” says Harriet Bruce Annan. Training is offered which offers little prospect for the future, but skills in crafts, agriculture and the technical field are rarely taught. In order to circumvent this shortage, the talents are specifically trained abroad or have the possibility of obtaining a diploma.

Rotary Club Support

The Rotary Club Velbert has supported this remarkable project for many years. This is done through donations and the adoption of a sponsorship for a young person. “Our godchild Raphaël remains in regular contact with our club. This way we can make a contribution with a monthly donation and be happy with his development”, informs Jörg Tillmanns, President of the Rotary Club and long-time contact person for Raphael.

Along with this long-term commitment, there are always short-term challenges. For example, heavy rain recently destroyed the boys’ residential building on the African Angel campus due to climate change. The roof construction, electrical installation and much more had to be renewed.

Studies continue despite the war

Two young people with high potential, Rachel and Daniel, are studying international business administration and agriculture in Kyiv. Along with Harriet, the two attended the Rotary Club. They reported on their studies in kyiv, the shocking experiences when war broke out, and their escape from kyiv via Poland to Germany.

They hope the war will end soon and are emotionally at the side of their fellow students and teachers. It is particularly remarkable that, despite the war, education continues via online media and exams can still be taken in this way.

The members of the Rotary Club Velbert were very moved by these descriptions. There is also the belief that the African Angel project brings help to the right place and can positively influence the lives of young people.

An additional donation of 1,500 euros has been pledged, which will be made at short notice and, according to Harriet, will make a major contribution.

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