The Plant Box, Bavarian Rescher, Res-T, WireStyle, Smartbraille walk ahead of the lions

Inside the eleventh season of the hit show from the Vox founders “The lion’s den(DHDL) feels the pride of lions in fat prey again. The jury again this season is made up of the Regal lion Ralf Dumelthe pharmaceutical lion Nils Glagauthe influential lion George Koflerthe sales lion Carsten Maschmeyerthe beautiful lioness Judith Williamsthe lioness of the family Dagmar Woehrl and the GreenTech lion Nico Rosberg.

DHLL startups of the week

The Plant Box
The big Easter episode has started well! Because the founding duo Alice Özserin and Anne Baltes-Schlueter enters the cave with two sheep: Heidi and Peter. And for good reason, because The Plant Box offers planters in a sheep’s wool sock. A green balcony is also still important for Anne as an urban plant: “But I quickly realized how dirty it gets when you plant a balcony planter. If you then have to carry soil and plants to the hardware store without a car, in the worst case to the fourth floor, then you have your coffee ready,” the 41-year-old recalls. “No wonder there are so many dreary, bare balconies in Germany.” Thanks to The Plant Box, this should be over! The start-up offers pre-arranged plant creations that just need to be placed in the planter. And this in a very special packaging: In a sheep’s wool sock. “Sheep’s wool has many interesting properties,” says horticultural scientist Alice Özserin. “It is biodegradable and regulates water. There are also ingredients like potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen and sulfur: “Incredibly good nutrients for plants and an ideal long-term fertilizer,” says Alice. Customers can currently choose from a selection of up to 25 plant creations, which are supplied either solely in sheep’s wool or optionally in sheep’s wool and the specially developed PLANT BOX (made from 100% recycled vegetable oil ). “We want to expand, preferably throughout Europe,” explains Anne Baltes-Schlueter. So that their company can grow, the founders hope for an investment of 150,000 euros and offer him 10% of the shares of their company. The heart of plant lover Carsten Maschmeyer immediately beats faster and Judith Williams really blossoms. But will there be a deal?

Bavarian Rescher (now BBQ Rescher)
Six years ago, Alexander Feilen and Tobias Daniel met through their partners and quickly discovered their common passion: barbecue. They are not alone in Germany: “97% of Germans like to grill, 90% even have their own grill”, explains Alexander Feilen. So that grilling will be perfect in the future, the two Bavarians have developed the Bavarian Rescher, which they want to make tasty for lions. “To research” ? Especially the northern lights grope in the dark under the lions. “Explain that to someone in Hamburg,” asks Ralf Dümmel. That’s why the Bavarian founders give a crash course in vocabulary before the product presentation: “For us, crispy means crisp. Belly meat is what we call Wammerl. And instead of Bon appétit, we say An Guadn,” explains Tobias Daniel. Accordingly, your Bavarian Rescher should guarantee a crispy jerky as well as perfect cooking and a perfect crust for fish and meat. Your product is made of a single piece of stainless steel, with handles and notches for grilling food and is dishwasher safe. The two Bavarians are hoping for an investment of 50,000 euros for their “essential” barbecue and in return are offering 20% ​​of the company’s shares. Are any of the lions already salivating?

“Our invention is a lifesaver in the truest sense of the word!” The three water sports enthusiasts Marco Colombo (34), Gian-Luca Menn (29) and Nadine Zdych (34) love their sport, but are also aware of the dangers. Former Italian professional decathlete Marco Colombo recounts his girlfriend’s serious stand-up paddle accident – in the middle of Lake Zurich: “She slipped and fell on the board, dislocated her shoulder and couldn’t move her arm anymore. With her last strength, she was able to save herself on the shore, but it could have turned out very differently, as the 34-year-old woman reports: “37,000 people drown every year in the world.” Lifejackets are therefore essential, classic vests are for coastal water sports but which are simply no longer relevant, explains Gian-Luca Menn: “Depending on the type of water sport, it is important that you have a certain freedom of movement, especially in the shoulders and upper arms. If you’re restricted there, it’s not only uncomfortable, but it also reduces the fun.” This is why many water sports enthusiasts don’t wear vests. that’s exactly where Res-T comes in: a comfortable and stylish water sports shirt with UV protection that guarantees freedom of movement. The highlight: “In two seconds, our T-shirt becomes a real life jacket,” explains Nadine Zdych. This is made possible by a small CO2 cartridge integrated into the chest area and a cord that the wearer must pull to trigger the inflation mechanism. The three water sports enthusiasts need 80,000 euros for their start-up and in return offer 15% of the company’s shares.

Wire style
Above all, I wish the founders Thomas Willberger and André Gall not to lose the thread. Because with WireStyle, they present each lion with their own personal portrait – made up of thousands of nails and a single mile-long wire. “It all started at Christmas 2018,” recalls Thomas Willberger. “At that time, I wanted to give my girlfriend an unforgettable Christmas present and create a thread image.” To do this, you connect several nails in a board with a wire until a work of art is created. Thomas’ first attempt cost him 400 nails, 50 yards of wire and 16 hours of his time. “It was a lot of work! But we got married soon after, so I think the gift was well received,” laughs the 31-year-old. André Gall goes on to explain: “We thought about what such an image would look like if you used several thousand nails instead of a few hundred and several kilometers of wire instead of a few meters. The physicist and graduate photographer has built a robot that cuts nails fully automatically, hits the plate at a speed of ten nails per second and then pulls the wire along the nails. But how does the robot know where to hammer the nails and in what order to thread the thread to create an image? “I wrote software for this that calculates a photorealistic wire image from any image,” says Thomas, who has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and is also an avid programmer. In the online store, customers can order ready-made designs or upload their own images. For their business to grow, the two founders need an investment of 200,000 euros and in return offer 15% of the company’s shares.

smart braille
Part-time business entrepreneur Ralph Brey is an avid thriller writer. In 2013 he published his first novel, which he proudly presented at the office. But not everyone was able to appreciate this reading: “A colleague of mine at work is going blind at the moment”, explains Ralph the motivation for his invention. “Usually a blind person reads with their index finger. The problem is that a blind letter is 100 times larger than a printed letter for sighted people. 50 kilos of paper are only 300 pages.” For this reason, there has very little literature available for the blind. “It doesn’t look much better digitally,” says Ralph. reading flow. There must be a better, easier and cheaper way, father of a son thought. With Smartbraille, Ralph has developed an e-book reader for the blind, in which electronics are kept to a minimum and only an electronic Braille character is used. With a sensor – similar to a PC mouse – the blind person reads a virtual page and feels the change of Braille letters on the index finger. “We have written software that converts an e- book into a virtual braille book, which in turn can be loaded onto an e-reader,” Ralph explains and is certain: “For the blind, smart braille means access to literature, education, inclusion and self-determination. With the help of the lions, he wants to go into mass production with his prototype. The 40-year-old man needs 300,000 euros for this and offers 20% of the shares of his company.

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Photo (above): TVNOW / Bernd-Michael Maurer

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