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While Metaverse and NFTs were all the rage until recently, almost every major US company, including Apple, is now investing in technology. Tim Cook himself even states that he owns cryptocurrencies and “wants to explore” the region for Apple. In 2021, great job vacancies were posted for this purpose, Macerkopf reported. So far, however, only large individual entrepreneurs have benefited from the latest metaverse trends and the real technologies behind blockchain. The startup Coinpanion from Vienna wants to change that and give everyone access to the boom. As part of the expansion of their startup investment cycle of their iOS app, they are offering all Macerkopf readers an investment bonus.

The App Store is now filled with brokers and investment apps. In the TOP 20 of the rankings, there are more than a handful of so-called brokerage applications intended to facilitate access to the financial world. We usually don’t feature such apps here, as they are more for professionals and actually require some prior knowledge. However, crypto fintech Coinpanion is pursuing a different and quite exciting approach.

At the push of a button, the app automatically invests in crypto, NFT and Metavere projects. If this all sounds exciting, you can use the code “macerkopf20” an investment bonus of 20 euros and try everything.

Join Coinpanion and save 20 euros

The world of crypto accessible to all?

Unlike typical crypto brokers, Coinpanion eliminates the need to search through thousands of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Coinpanion does it for you. You only invest in their weekly managed “portfolios”, which are available for different categories and risk classes. You can choose different smart wallets such as Metaverse, DEFI or crypto wallets with different risk levels.

With their idea, the founding team from Vienna won over renowned investors such as Florian Gschwandtner, the founder of the fitness app Runtastic and the co-founders of the diabetes app mySugr. Also present are US investor Wicklow Capital – start-up investor in crypto unicorns Ledger,, NYDIG and Crusoe Energy Systems – founders of credit comparison platform Andreas Kupke and Moritz Thiele as well as l former Bitpanda CMO, Michael Potscher.

How exactly does Coinpanion work?

The composition of the portfolio is based on a score based on the ranking as well as other quantitative indicators. Over 1000 cryptocurrencies, NFT, DeFi and metaverse trends are continuously analyzed and the most promising projects are selected based on the data, which is then grouped into smart wallet categories.
The cryptocurrencies within the portfolios are weighted in such a way as to ensure a good balance between risk and return.

Data-driven approaches combined with cutting-edge risk-based optimization techniques keep the portfolio up-to-date and automatically adjust investments to the market.

The company thus supports the entire process: from simple market entry, continuous optimization of crypto investments to automated tax declarations and savings plans.

The benefits at a glance

Here we have listed the benefits of the Coinpanion app in a brief overview:

  • Time saving: no time-consuming research and analysis
  • Continuous analysis of 1000+ cryptocurrencies, NFT, DeFi and Metaverse trends. Thus, you can benefit from the crypto market even without prior knowledge.
  • Automated Savings Plans
  • Simplicity: In just a few clicks, get started in just 5 minutes
  • Bonus: 20 euros investment bonus from the start
  • Environmentally friendly: All Coinpanion wallets are CO2 neutral
  • Simplified taxes: in just one click, you get a free tax report
  • Designed for everyone: different portfolios based on your risk appetite

Summary: The Coinpanion seed round as an opportunity?

The Austrian crypto startup for an easy entry into the world of crypto investments was able to increase its seed investment from last fall (note: 1.8 million euros) to a total of 5.5 million euros – one of the highest seed investments in the world to date in Austrian startup history. Until recently, no one would have thought that an Austrian start-up would revolutionize the crypto app market in this country. However, it is not the only application in the neighboring country region that offers good prerequisites in this field.

Of course, investments aren’t for everyone, so you need to weigh them carefully. However, if you have already made attempts in the stock market, or even regularly put your money in

As a Macerkopf reader, you get a springboard, so to speak, from missing out on NFT and Metaverse trends in the future and directly benefiting from them. give after Just register the code “macerkopf20” and benefit from an investment bonus of 20 euros.

Join Coinpanion and get a 20 euro deposit bonus

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