The Andreas Gayk School in Kiel-Dietrichsdorf becomes a future school

The Andreas Gayk School is based at Tiefen Alle in Kiel-Dietrichsdorf. There hasn’t been a class there for ten years. The reason is simple: the Andreas Gayk School is a support center whose teachers flock to wherever children need special support.

According to director Christine Lange, around 300 children and young people from the east bank are currently supported in this way. The fact that it is now also recognized as a school of the future makes the boss “totally happy”, she says, knowing well the many mothers and fathers of this success.

Sea fish market instead of classrooms

Courses in extracurricular places are a magic formula of the center. Learning about and with water is the second. This is often very easy to do. When a first class from the Hans Christian Andersen district school in Gaarden and a fourth class from the Lilli Martius school in Elmschenhagen spent an entire school day for the last time at the sea fish market in Kiel-Wellingdorf, the One of the topics was plastic waste in the sea. Ogur Elementary School student felt caught when he rummaged through a bag of crisps and immediately realized that the wrapper was bad for water and the contents were bad for his figure already too voluptuous. The youngster opted for an apple – and received a promise from school nutritionist Andreas Gayk that if he lasted 14 days they would make their own ice cream together.

Communicating as much content as possible in as many places as possible is the aim of the support center, which has even been running its own Baltic Sea campus on water, water sports and marine protection for a year. “Kids should be excited about learning to swim through stand-up paddleboarding or sailing and learning a lot about the dangers of the oceans and climate at the same time,” says teacher Daniel Peter, who is sort of the inventor of this offer. .

The “heroes of the sea” are also on board

The campus comes alive with a lot of cooperation. The “One Earth – One Ocean” association, which carries out environmental education with its “Sea Heroes 2022” initiative sponsored by Stadtwerke Kiel, regularly participates. The research workshop of the University of Kiel, the water sports center of the Ostufer school and many other organizations are also involved.

TransMarTech GmbH, which is based at the Seefischmarkt, is a newcomer. The Schleswig-Holstein Maritime Technology Center, which was founded just over a year ago, is committed to promoting business and start-ups, but beyond pure concern for the neighborhood, it gives arguments in favor of cooperation. “It is important to awaken a passion for water as early as possible”, says managing director Nele Dageförde – and somewhat hopes that one or the other maritime start-up can emerge from it at some point.

“An example for many other schools”

Anyway, the Andreas Gayk School is doing “something very unusual”, says Martin Jarrath, responsible for future schools at the Ministry of Education and in particular for the theme of education for sustainable development. In his opinion, the active house on the east bank of Kiel is even suitable as an “example for many other schools”.

However, the title of future school for the support center is not yet official. According to Jarrath, however, this is just a formality until the “promotion” is official in a few days.

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