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Become one with the cosmos. Immerse yourself in the spirit world. See the world in a new light. Such experiences are reported by people who consume magic mushrooms. But they are no longer just hippies, esoterics or party animals. Tech investors have caught on too – and are investing millions in companies that rely on psilocybin. This is the substance that gives magic mushrooms their magic.

@RomanM has investigated for us how new scientific discoveries have led to this renaissance of psychedelics. Because in addition to spiritual journeys, psilocybin could contribute to a better treatment of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, addiction problems or even anxiety disorders.

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The long life of Second Life and the hype of the metaverse

From my conversation with Guntram Graef, who 15 years ago, together with his wife Ailin, founded one of the most successful companies in the parallel digital world of second life I already reported to you recently. It’s already been released as a podcast. Since then, I’ve dug a little deeper into the history of that first metaverse — and in this article, I’m not only highlighting the Graefs’ media high-flying, with reports in the New York Timesthe WIRED or the daily newsbut also the rise and fall of second life So the matter was not as deep as many probably assume. New Metaverse projects can be accessed from second life anyway learn something.

At a recent event, I chatted with Constanze Osei from Meta, Thomas Johann Lorenz from Journee, and Professors Albrecht Schmidt and Jens Grubert to find out if the current hype surrounding the Metaverse will become more than a few generously funded prototypes. Now our conversation is also available in the latest episode of the New realities Release of podcasts from 1E9 and XR HUB Bavaria. We started right away with the question of what the metaverse is or should be. It’s not entirely clear at the moment…

Drones at war

In Germany, the main discussion is about the delivery of heavy weapons to help Ukraine defend itself against the Russian army. But it’s not just tanks that are used in times of war. @Michael touched on the role of drones, including being used by a Ukrainian special forces unit. These are, of course, military drones, for example from Turkey. A reconnaissance drone from the Bavarian company Quantum Systems was also delivered. There are also a large number of small civilian drones that have been converted.

Giant machines in space could indicate aliens

NASA is breaking new ground in the search for extraterrestrial life in the universe: a research team combs through images from space to find clues to megastructures created by extraterrestrials, such as gigantic solar or energy collectors or entire annular worlds. However, these are unlikely to appear razor sharp in photos. Rather, fluctuations in the light intensity of individual stars can be detected. You can find more details here.

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