Extended reality is utopian without modern data storage

The quality of XR experiences will depend on fast data access and low latency, which means organizations will need to rethink how data is stored. Nothing accelerates change like a crisis. The Corona pandemic has forced many companies to innovate to support their employees and customers. For many, the acceleration of digital transformation has led … Read more

The Metaverse and its impact on the digital future

Page 1 of 2 When the company formerly known as Facebook announced plans to change its name to Meta in October, it said the move would better reflect its intention to “bring the Metaverse to life and help people connect, create communities, find and build businesses”. This drastic change by one of the world’s most … Read more

Making money in the metaverse? This is what Apple, Amazon, Google and Co are planning.

The metaverse is still as intangible as a real-world virtual object, expert opinions range from overhyped bubble hype to the quintessential digital future trend. The idea is now increasingly well known, at the latest thanks to the renaming of Facebook to Meta and the company’s corresponding plans. The metaverse is intended to unite the virtual … Read more