Founder of Sofatutor: Ukrainian online educational offer is a good example

The German education system could take inspiration from the digitization of Ukrainian educational provision, says Stephan Bayer, founder of Sofatutor. During the pandemic, Ukraine has developed a large number of “great digital offers” that allow distance learning. This offer is now also available in wartime. It is “bitter” to assert that in Germany “many families … Read more

What role do cryptocurrencies play during the Ukrainian war?

During the current war in Ukraine, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more interesting for people. Bitcoin, Rublix and Co. have no connection with banks or other monitored payment systems and cannot be traced. Western politicians have recently expressed fears that the Russians are using e-money to circumvent sanctions. More and more emerging evidence confirms that … Read more

“Next Five to Ten Years”

Food, raw materials, oil: prices are rising in almost all areas of life. DIW President Marcel Fratzscher expects this to remain the case for years to come. According to the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), Germans have to be prepared for constantly high prices. Prices would rise “over the next five to ten years,” … Read more

war | Consequences for children: “The situation is terrible”

Playgrounds have become a war zone in Ukraine. Children hear rocket attacks, they lose their parents – or they die in bomb attacks themselves. Experts report dramatic consequences. Little Vlad is wearing a blue jacket, he has pulled on the hood and his hands are sinking into the pockets of his jacket. The six-year-old looks … Read more

“The Chancellor who hid is isolating us around the world”

Ukraine demands more weapons from Germany. We now know that Scholz set up a fund of one billion dollars for arms aid. However, his background remains controversial. Photo series with 54 images The German government’s announcement that it would provide more money for military aid, mainly to Ukraine, was met with skepticism. It was unclear … Read more