Finding the right marketing automation tool –

Marketing automation is becoming a key driver of digitalization. Because only with effective and tailor-made marketing and sales measures can digital customer journeys and complex decision-making processes in B2B be effectively supported and targeted controlled. But what criteria must a marketing automation solution meet to meet these requirements? B2B companies face a number of challenges: … Read more

Ukrainian students: Welcoming, but how? – Policy

The three Ukrainian students who have been attending the Wilhelm von Humboldt Community School in Berlin since this week communicate using translation apps and voice-image maps. It works well, says director Judith Bauch. The children, aged nine, ten and eleven, learn German for two hours a day, otherwise they are integrated into regular classes. Other … Read more

Ukrainian refugees in schools: Prien wants rapid integration | – News

Status: 03/17/2022 4:46 p.m. Hundreds of Ukrainian students are already educated in Schleswig-Holstein. Education Minister Prien expects faster integration than after the 2015 refugee crisis. As of March 16, 340 pupils from the war zone in Ukraine have arrived in schools in Schleswig-Holstein. Education Minister Karin Prien (CDU) gave this figure on Thursday at a … Read more