Börse Express – The big launch of NFT at Coinbase!

Coinbase (NASDAQ:TCP) continues to work to become a force to be reckoned with in the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets in general. But not only: the management also establishes an ecosystem character which should also function on the basis of value-added services and other services. All in all, a smart approach. With an investment … Read more

Facebook and Microsoft: the story of the metaverse – Economy

This is a dilemma facing the titans of the United States West Coast. Facebook, Microsoft and many investors have incredible capital. But they have nothing to offer people that will make them look up from their smartphones. Overall, they still look like they did in 2010. The bulky VR glasses, which Facebook has invested billions … Read more

Blockchain: “Crypto-Climate-Technocracy” does not work

With Web 3.0, blockchains and cryptocurrencies, everything is supposed to be different again. Decentralized networking provides transparency and a shift in consumer awareness. So when it comes to containing climate change, “climate cryptogovernance” is supposed to be the currency that saves the world. the doubts are justified. It could be that Elon Musk, tech whiz … Read more

Börse Express – Meta Platforms has just taken a big step into the Metaverse

The important points The Metaverse can open up new opportunities for Meta Platforms and diversify their revenue streams. The social media giant could make a lot of money from this emerging tech trend if it develops quickly. When social media giant Facebook changed its name to Metaplatforms (NYSE:BAC) has changed, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in … Read more

Metaverse Fashion Week: All information for free participation

“We want to make it easier to get started, encourage creativity, and show what’s possible,” said Sam Hamilton, creative director of the Decentraland Foundation, the nonprofit organization that runs the 3D virtual worlds platform. “We want to show the community and other brands, ‘Hey, Decentraland is a place to shop, everyone is wearing cool clothes, … Read more

Alibaba, Baidu, Didi, Tencent: regulations affect tech companies

beijing Chinese internet group Tencent has seen slower growth recently than it has since going public in 2004. Fourth-quarter figures, which Tencent presented on Wednesday, show how regulations are affecting tech companies Chinese. Online retailer Alibaba previously posted the weakest growth since 2014. Tencent’s revenue grew only 8% between October and December. Online advertising revenue … Read more

The Metaverse and its impact on the digital future

Page 1 of 2 When the company formerly known as Facebook announced plans to change its name to Meta in October, it said the move would better reflect its intention to “bring the Metaverse to life and help people connect, create communities, find and build businesses”. This drastic change by one of the world’s most … Read more

Blockchain Technology – Web 3.0 Ready – Digital

Despite everyone else, Berlin’s Postbahnhof seems quiet, many hunched over their laptops, a few chatting on the sunny terrace, most listening to lectures on the stages of the event venue. Between the two, Joseph Lubin goes from stand to stand, shakes hands and greets acquaintances. The Canadian and former Goldman Sachs banker founded the Ethereum … Read more