State Precinct 38, Candidates for Education, Housing, Security

May 2, 2022 at 5:59 p.m. State Election May 15, 2022 Candidates in subject check : State parliament candidates want to bolster education The parliamentary candidates from the Mettmann II constituency have different approaches to education. Photo: dpa/Julian Stratenschulte dpa Hilden/Haan/Erkrath/Mettmann In addition to Corona, state policy currently faces three major issues: education, security and … Read more

Model School Makes Curricula Radically Digital – Friday

In Louisenlund, some say it was the time of their lives. The weeks they weren’t allowed to leave. When schools were closed outside, but life went on inside the boarding school – almost as if there was no pandemic. With full courses, with sports and sailing, with weekend football tournaments. “We have formed our own … Read more