Munich: Germany’s largest crypto art event series begins – Munich

They’ve been around for a few years, but in the early years they played no art-related role: non-fungible tokens, or NFTs for short. It wasn’t until auction house Christie’s auctioned the digital work “Everydays. The First 5000 Days” by American digital artist Beeple and accepted a cryptocurrency for it that NFTs also conquered the world … Read more

Education – Stuttgart – Kretschmann: longer working hours for teachers in conversation – education

Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – The Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann (Greens), discussed the extension of working hours for teachers in order to ensure better education in the state. “Maybe we have to work harder,” Kretschmann stressed Monday evening during a round table in the “Stuttgarter Zeitung”. For example, many teachers are women and … Read more

Conflicts – Dresden – schools have to solve many problems for young Ukrainians – politics

Dresden (dpa/sn) – Many teachers are still missing, but classes have started at the first “Ukrainian school” in Dresden. “The more teachers we have, the more subjects we can offer,” said Tobias Jäger, principal of the 116th Lyceum in Dresden, on Wednesday. At the moment German and English are taught and a geography teacher is … Read more

Bavaria: Universities prepare for normalcy – Bavaria

The Regensburg canteen’s pantry is full. Rice, potatoes, spaetzle and of course oil, the gold of the moment. “We are already 100% back,” says chef Helmut Meier. Loud murmurs and banging of pans can be heard in the background during a lunchtime phone call. In his district, relatively little has happened in recent semesters. His … Read more

Facebook and Microsoft: the story of the metaverse – Economy

This is a dilemma facing the titans of the United States West Coast. Facebook, Microsoft and many investors have incredible capital. But they have nothing to offer people that will make them look up from their smartphones. Overall, they still look like they did in 2010. The bulky VR glasses, which Facebook has invested billions … Read more

NFT art in Ukraine: crypto money for reconstruction – culture

One of the rather innocuous absurdities that the zeitgeist has produced in recent months is the belief that one can become rich by exchanging grotesque cartoon images. We are of course talking about the so-called non-fungible tokens (NFT). These were mostly collections of generically produced images, such as those from the particularly popular Bored Ape … Read more

Ukrainian students: Welcoming, but how? – Policy

The three Ukrainian students who have been attending the Wilhelm von Humboldt Community School in Berlin since this week communicate using translation apps and voice-image maps. It works well, says director Judith Bauch. The children, aged nine, ten and eleven, learn German for two hours a day, otherwise they are integrated into regular classes. Other … Read more

Blockchain Technology – Web 3.0 Ready – Digital

Despite everyone else, Berlin’s Postbahnhof seems quiet, many hunched over their laptops, a few chatting on the sunny terrace, most listening to lectures on the stages of the event venue. Between the two, Joseph Lubin goes from stand to stand, shakes hands and greets acquaintances. The Canadian and former Goldman Sachs banker founded the Ethereum … Read more

NFT: What you need to know about the crypto hype – Digital

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