The slow farewell to the postman

Bonn (dpa) – “If it weren’t for the good old post office, where would all the letters come from?” Heinz Rühmann followed his own path to this film music as “Briefträger Müller” in the 1950s – on screen he delivered letters in a small town whose inhabitants he knew well and greeted them friendly. The … Read more

COMMUNICATION: Business letters become more informal

Munich Business leaders appear in sneakers, companies address their customers uninvited – the style of communication in business has changed. “Reducing red tape is in tune with the times,” says management consultant Jana Völkel-Kitzmann. But it also opens new traps: “How not to step on someone’s toes?” Audi boss Markus Duesmann, for example, could be … Read more

After the removal of masks, now also the end of corona tests in schools

Berlin (dpa) – After the lifting of the mask requirement, the time for compulsory corona tests in schools is coming to an end. As a dpa survey in the 16 Länder showed, the test obligation has already been abolished in six Länder or will end at the start of the new week. In six countries, … Read more

Life: for friendliness and respect

Oldenburg Lucien Minka works for a society in which everyone enjoys living and feels respected. The 33-year-old grew up in Cameroon but now lives in Oldenburg. He spent his childhood and youth in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon. “Life happens out there. And families in Cameroon are big,” explains Lucien Minka. “A meeting can quickly … Read more