Crypto Outlook 2022: Bitcoin at $100,000 or Emperor Without Clothes? | Markets | 05/01/2022

Predictions for the future development of Bitcoin and Co are as different as the crypto universe itself and range from “the next big thing” to “the greatest collective idiocy of all time”. © Eisenhans / After the Federal Reserve turned hawkish towards the end of the year, the crypto market ran out of steam … Read more

2024 metaverse breakthrough? Zuckerberg wants the ‘iPhone moment’

Meta is reportedly preparing two AR smart glasses to be launched in 2024. These glasses are named Nazare and Orion. Both will offer an innovative augmented reality experience and can project 3D graphics directly into the eye The edge. TL; DR Meta is working on two AR glasses named Nazare and Hypernova. The glasses are … Read more

The Metaverse and its impact on the digital future

Page 1 of 2 When the company formerly known as Facebook announced plans to change its name to Meta in October, it said the move would better reflect its intention to “bring the Metaverse to life and help people connect, create communities, find and build businesses”. This drastic change by one of the world’s most … Read more

Farewell to the big players – will Web 3.0 finally succeed in decentralization?

With the advent of the Internet many years ago, it was hoped that there would be democratization and decentralization, making information accessible to everyone on the web. The reality now looks different: big players like Meta and Google dominate, control and regulate the web, we are undoubtedly dependent on their services in many ways. However, … Read more

Making money in the metaverse? This is what Apple, Amazon, Google and Co are planning.

The metaverse is still as intangible as a real-world virtual object, expert opinions range from overhyped bubble hype to the quintessential digital future trend. The idea is now increasingly well known, at the latest thanks to the renaming of Facebook to Meta and the company’s corresponding plans. The metaverse is intended to unite the virtual … Read more

First gallery exhibition of artist NFT Beeple at the Jack Hanley Gallery in New York

OLines of art formed outside the entrance to the Jack Hanley Gallery in Manhattan when Beeple recently opened its first gallery exhibition: it promised the first two hundred visitors a poster as a gift, fans said to journalists. A poster – how old fashioned for an NFT artist who wants to revolutionize the art world. … Read more