Why Midsize Businesses Need Their Own Digital Platforms

We need a lot of imagination to imagine a digital world that is not dominated by big platform providers. Especially when Gafa (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) and Bat (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) continue to gain market power. These digital platforms seem to be getting too big, too powerful, too global. But the vision of becoming more … Read more

Extended reality is utopian without modern data storage

The quality of XR experiences will depend on fast data access and low latency, which means organizations will need to rethink how data is stored. Nothing accelerates change like a crisis. The Corona pandemic has forced many companies to innovate to support their employees and customers. For many, the acceleration of digital transformation has led … Read more

Farewell to the big players – will Web 3.0 finally succeed in decentralization?

With the advent of the Internet many years ago, it was hoped that there would be democratization and decentralization, making information accessible to everyone on the web. The reality now looks different: big players like Meta and Google dominate, control and regulate the web, we are undoubtedly dependent on their services in many ways. However, … Read more

Web 3.0 – the new target for social engineering and phishing attacks

The defining aspects of Web 3.0 offer interesting insight into the various types of cyberattacks that could accompany it, as cybercriminals are always on the lookout for new profitable opportunities. Web 3.0 is a general term for emerging technologies such as cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, distributed applications, and distributed file storage. Cisco researchers recently hypothesized what … Read more