“Digital Opportunities for All”: Education Alliance for SMEs and Google…

04.05.2022 – 13:05 BVMW Munich/Berlin (ots) Making the potential of digitalization available to everyone fairly, with equal opportunities and in the long term – this is the goal of the education initiative future opportunities, which today launched the Education Alliance for SMEs (Bundesverband Der Mittelstand. BVMW) and the Google Future Workshop in Munich. The inclusive … Read more

This is how the May Day rally in Neuss went

May 1, 2022 at 5:33 p.m. May Day rally in Neuss : Call for more digitization in schools For the first time in two years, a May Day rally organized by the Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB) took place in the market square of Neuss. Photo: Andreas Woitschützke Neuss Accompanied by many prominent local … Read more

Climate protection, education & Co: what the government is planning with its digital strategy

Digital Awakening is a motto of the Traffic Light Government Alliance Coalition Agreement. So far, however, little has happened in this area apart from organizational changes in tasks. The federal government intends to present its digital strategy shortly before the summer break. However, representatives from several relevant government departments gave their first glimpse at the … Read more

Model School Makes Curricula Radically Digital – Friday

In Louisenlund, some say it was the time of their lives. The weeks they weren’t allowed to leave. When schools were closed outside, but life went on inside the boarding school – almost as if there was no pandemic. With full courses, with sports and sailing, with weekend football tournaments. “We have formed our own … Read more

A digital plan for all: why the focus needs to be on people

Dead spots in rural areas, lack of technical equipment in schools, authorities who communicate by fax: things are not exactly going well with digitization in Germany. According to the IMD 2021 Digital Competitiveness Index, the country fell from 15th place in 2016 to 18th place. What needs to happen for Germany to catch up with … Read more

“Next Five to Ten Years”

Food, raw materials, oil: prices are rising in almost all areas of life. DIW President Marcel Fratzscher expects this to remain the case for years to come. According to the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), Germans have to be prepared for constantly high prices. Prices would rise “over the next five to ten years,” … Read more

The Metaverse and its impact on the digital future

Page 1 of 2 When the company formerly known as Facebook announced plans to change its name to Meta in October, it said the move would better reflect its intention to “bring the Metaverse to life and help people connect, create communities, find and build businesses”. This drastic change by one of the world’s most … Read more

Semantic Web: How the Internet Could Understand Content

The invention of the Web and its rapid global spread is a historically unique achievement. First introduced in 1990, the WWW has now become mankind’s greatest source of information and interaction and continues to grow steadily and exponentially. From a few dozen websites in 1991, today there are almost two billion with around 100 billion … Read more