Cisco Talos Analysis – Vulnerabilities in the Metaverse

In the so-called Metaverse or Web 3.0, a lot of things are supposed to change. What’s left: Cybercriminals will also try to do their harm here. This is shown by analyzes from the cybersecurity branch of Cisco, Talos. […] Photo: Cisco Talos The Internet as we know it is evolving. Durability remains to be seen. … Read more

The 5 major e-commerce trends: from headless to metaverse

New technologies are shaking up the pillars of e-commerce. The Metaverse attracts with virtual showrooms and trade shows. Big brands like Adidas and Nike have already entered the fight for the top spots. New paths are also opening up in the fields of payment, customer experience, headless solutions and cybersecurity. Metavers: virtual showrooms, fairs, training … Read more

Web 3.0 – the new target for social engineering and phishing attacks

The defining aspects of Web 3.0 offer interesting insight into the various types of cyberattacks that could accompany it, as cybercriminals are always on the lookout for new profitable opportunities. Web 3.0 is a general term for emerging technologies such as cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, distributed applications, and distributed file storage. Cisco researchers recently hypothesized what … Read more