Spectrum trading platform enters the crypto industry

Frankfurt The Frankfurt Spectrum trading platform will enter the cryptocurrency sector on Wednesday. Private investors can then use warrants to bet around the clock on the development of the most popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ether, as board member Alpay Soytürk told Handelsblatt. “We are the first European trading platform to offer crypto turbos that can … Read more

This is what the Ecological Footprint of Bitcoin, NFTs & Co looks like

May 3, 2022 at 2:05 p.m. cryptocurrencies : This is what the Ecological Footprint of Bitcoin, NFTs & Co looks like The Bitcoin logo (icon image). Photo: AP/Kin Cheung Dusseldorf Cryptocurrencies have been under heavy criticism for some time because large computational capacities are required to process transactions. The electricity needed for this usually comes … Read more

There is now a bitcoin machine in the Mexican parliament, Smart IT Alliance GmbH, press release

Smart IT Alliance GmbH www.crypto-mining-farm.de Mexico and Bitcoin So far, Mexico still lags behind its indirect neighbors when it comes to cryptos. While Bitcoin is already legal as an official form of payment in El Salvador and Panama, the Mexican government has yet to do anything about it. However, there is an exception: parliamentarian Indira … Read more

NFT Clubs – Why NFT Communities Are Growing Bigger

The blockchain world is diverse and complex, NFTs are still experiencing immense hype. It is often difficult to keep an overview here, the range is too wide. Countless new NFTs pop up every day – which are scams, which have potential? What are the gadgets, what are the investments? Moreover, NFT owners have one thing … Read more

Bitcoin Mining Has Never Been Greener, Smart IT Alliance GmbH, Press Release

Although mining is an increasingly popular source of income, it is not as highly regarded in the eyes of the general public as it is among miners themselves – due to the accusation persistence that an immense amount of electricity is consumed and the environment is polluted as a result. Bitcoin mining in particular is … Read more

NFT art in Ukraine: crypto money for reconstruction – culture

One of the rather innocuous absurdities that the zeitgeist has produced in recent months is the belief that one can become rich by exchanging grotesque cartoon images. We are of course talking about the so-called non-fungible tokens (NFT). These were mostly collections of generically produced images, such as those from the particularly popular Bored Ape … Read more

What role do cryptocurrencies play during the Ukrainian war?

During the current war in Ukraine, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more interesting for people. Bitcoin, Rublix and Co. have no connection with banks or other monitored payment systems and cannot be traced. Western politicians have recently expressed fears that the Russians are using e-money to circumvent sanctions. More and more emerging evidence confirms that … Read more

Where does blockchain already make our daily lives easier?

Since 2017, blockchain technology has also become known to a wider audience, at least in general terms. This was the year in which several cryptocurrencies started surging and convinced investors with huge returns. Most cryptocurrencies are blockchain-based. Their potential is now convincing in many other applications. More and more companies are developing blockchain-based systems and … Read more

Why are some NFTs so expensive? | Economy | DW

Non-fungible tokens – NFTs for short – don’t go down well on the tongue, but they’re currently selling quite well. The somewhat odd and controversial digital asset is on the rise. Earlier this year, some NFT auctions brought in millions of dollars. DW also participated in the sale. He didn’t make particularly high waves. This … Read more