Why Afghanistan is an example of their usefulness

“Use your bitcoin” The call to put your cryptocurrency to good use at an event in Miami. Real economic applications outside of investment speculation are still rare for cryptocurrencies. (Photo: Reuters) bangkok Investing legend Warren Buffett has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. Even if you were to sell him all the bitcoins in the world … Read more

Bitcoin Mining Has Never Been Greener, Smart IT Alliance GmbH, Press Release

Although mining is an increasingly popular source of income, it is not as highly regarded in the eyes of the general public as it is among miners themselves – due to the accusation persistence that an immense amount of electricity is consumed and the environment is polluted as a result. Bitcoin mining in particular is … Read more

The crazy hype surrounding the football trading card startup

Berlin Everything about the story of the new French super start-up is really crazy – the idea, the fans and the economic success. Investors have valued Sorare at $4.3 billion in a new round of funding. This makes the Parisian fantasy football company France’s most valuable start-up. And this despite the fact that it was … Read more

What role do cryptocurrencies play during the Ukrainian war?

During the current war in Ukraine, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more interesting for people. Bitcoin, Rublix and Co. have no connection with banks or other monitored payment systems and cannot be traced. Western politicians have recently expressed fears that the Russians are using e-money to circumvent sanctions. More and more emerging evidence confirms that … Read more

The Bitcoin City mega project is getting more concrete – but there are also problems

More than six months after the introduction of Bitcoin as legal tender for the first time in the world, the record in El Salvador so far is mixed. Tourism is on the rise: Many hotels in the Central American country are full at Easter, Tourism Minister Morena Valdez told TCS television on Thursday. Since the … Read more

Experts expect a price of over $80,000

Bitcoin Representation The cryptocurrency stabilized above $40,000. Is now a buying opportunity? (Photo: Reuters) Dusseldorf It held the $40,000 mark after Bitcoin’s recent pullback. Now the course of the oldest and most important cryptocurrency resumes. According to data from analyst house Coinmarketcap, on Thursday it was trading at just under $42,000. Experts see much more … Read more

Bitcoin Struggles at $40,000 – Crypto Assets Under Macro Stress | 04/19/22

Bitcoin and Co. are still in complex macroeconomic tension after the Easter holiday. Fears over interest rates, the eastern conflict between Russia and Ukraine and lingering corona concerns in China continue to raise eyebrows among investors. By Timo Emden Interest rate fears, eastern conflict and corona worries as stressors Even after the Easter holiday, crypto … Read more

Crypto Outlook 2022: Bitcoin at $100,000 or Emperor Without Clothes? | Markets | 05/01/2022

Predictions for the future development of Bitcoin and Co are as different as the crypto universe itself and range from “the next big thing” to “the greatest collective idiocy of all time”. © Eisenhans / stock.adobe.com After the Federal Reserve turned hawkish towards the end of the year, the crypto market ran out of steam … Read more

This is how it will continue with digital currencies on the Web3

In a current analysis, the global payment service provider Checkout.com surveyed key players in the crypto scene and e-commerce retailers and based on this made a forecast for the future development of the industry. . As a result, 2022 is set to be a breakthrough year for cryptocurrencies and Web3 possibilities. By the end of … Read more

NFT: What you need to know about the crypto hype – Digital

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