State Precinct 38, Candidates for Education, Housing, Security

State Election May 15, 2022 Candidates in subject check
Candidates for state parliament want to secure affordable housing

In addition to Corona, state policy currently faces three major issues: education, security and housing. We asked the candidates of the Mettmann II constituency (38) how they intend to master the issues in these areas.

How do you intend to ensure more affordable housing in the Mettmann district?

Christian Untrieser (CDU) We must be driven by people’s needs. With our initiative “Bau.Land.Leben”, we support local authorities in the activation of zones for residential construction. While 217,000 apartments were approved between 2013 and 2016 (red-green state government), between 2017 and 2020 there are already 227,000 apartments. In 2020 alone, 62,000 building permits were issued. Since 2018, we have paid 1.1 billion euros in housing aid. The money is invested in the construction of new rental apartments or in the modernization of existing buildings. Our support program for young families relieves the middle class of high purchase prices. We must not forget the second rent: through the Federal Council, we are campaigning for a reduction in taxes on heating. A warm apartment should not become a luxury.

Matthias Staeit (SPD) According to our government program, 100,000 apartments are to be built in NRW every year. 25,000 of them in “social housing” at controlled prices. This relieves pressure on the housing market. In addition, public transport can open up other residential areas and thus contribute to a better distribution of people looking for accommodation.

Dirk Wedel (FDP) 80% of people would most like to be a homeowner, but not even half of them can currently make that wish come true. We therefore want to reduce the ancillary construction costs for residential accommodation. With the tax exemption from real estate transfer duties, we young families will be able to realize the dream of their own home. We want to turn more tenants into owners by buying social housing. All in all, we want to encourage the construction of housing in all its forms – privately financed, subsidized and owned – both through new construction and the creation of living spaces in existing buildings. We want to make construction easier and faster, especially in high demand urban areas. We need faster building permits – by digitizing building applications, shortening the completeness check to ten days, more competition between municipalities.

Andreas Nixdorf (AfD) Housing should not be a luxury. However, the lack of new housing construction, the growing number of single-person households and rampant migration mean that it is becoming increasingly difficult for low- and middle-income people to find affordable housing. Existing subsidies in the field of social housing promotion should be extended and, if necessary, access thresholds should be lowered. In addition to property formation, however, cooperative models in particular should also be promoted, for example through the priority allocation of land directly by the state. As AfD, we advocate a reduction in property transfer duties and the abolition of property tax.

Ina Besche-Krastl (Green Party) Due to the convenient location in relation to the surrounding towns, living in the whole neighborhood is very attractive. The increasing tension in the housing market affects families, but especially those with tighter budgets. To this end, we want to include the right to housing in the state constitution. We support municipalities on the path to allocating land no longer to those who offer the most money, but to those who create affordable housing. We want to strengthen municipal housing companies.

Natalie Meisen (left) In addition to rent control, we want more living space to be converted into social housing, at least 50% in all neighborhoods. For this, it would be desirable for the living space to pass into public hands and for the cities to buy it back. Mercenaries must be treated for what they are: criminals. Housing is a means of subsistence and not a means of speculation. Laws are needed here.

Thorsten Klimczak (independent) Municipalities must increasingly become owners, activate building land, create building rights and act as builders. They should involve private providers more and exhaust all state subsidies. isf

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