Start relaxed into the future of digital school administration with edjufy

A digital class register, online apologies and fully automated absence management are essential for modern school administration.
The award-winning edjufy platform is the holistic solution for your school’s communication and administration tasks.

Less effort in school administration avoids mistakes and creates space for the real task of our schools – the education of our students.

At edjufy and our customers, we see a huge benefit for modern school administration in the digitization of communication and administrative tasks. We ensure that many tasks are greatly simplified. Important information is automatically documented in a legally compliant manner, is more easily available and thus facilitates daily work. Routine tasks are fully or partially executed automatically.

Digitization with edjufy makes life easier in school administration. With the intuitive user interface, it is child’s play to take care of the many communication and administrative tasks and to do it very flexibly via the PC at work, on a tablet or even on a smartphone . edjufy works in any standard Internet browser and requires no installation or maintenance.

And as an edjufy customer, you can fully concentrate on your work. You don’t have to worry about updates, functional extensions, etc. – edjufy does it for you.

Thanks to the edjufy platform, many tasks in school administration are carried out by themselves.

It is a central function digital class register, which our customers like to describe as the “Swiss army knife” of the class master. Teachers have a quick overview of sick or absent students. Entering lesson content is quick and easy, and teachers can also create personal notes for themselves. And, of course, the digital class register cannot be misplaced or tied to space and time to edit it.

the edjufy platform is characterized by the extremely high degree of interoperability, i.e. the linking of different functions together.

Another example is the online apology – here, in some cases, more than 90% of the work is saved. This is possible because the secretary no longer has to answer sick leave calls and absences are automatically treated as excuses. The actual sick notice is created online by the legal guardians and, via the link to the school and exam calendar, they also receive information on whether an announced exam takes place on that day and whether, for example, a medical certificate is required. A medical certificate can then be uploaded when you call in sick or later.

The edjufy platform is developed in Munich in close cooperation with school directors, teachers, school administration staff and parents and receives regular updates and functional extensions.

The technical infrastructure is operated by T-Systems and has several certifications. The edjufy platform itself is TÜV tested and fully GDPR compliant.

edjufy has been awarded the Bavarian Digital Prize by the Bavarian Digital Ministry.

Interested parties can have a free test environment and thoroughly test the edjufy platform.

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If you have any questions, the edjufy hotline is available at: +49 (0) 89 215 44 66 44 or by e-mail: [email protected] gladly there for you.

The edjufy team looks forward to your visit to didacta 2022, Room: 6.1 Stand B49.

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