Star Trek is selling expensive NFTs for the licensed game

Paramount Global is an American media company that owns many major licenses, including the Star Trek and Nickelodeon brands. Paramount is planning a series of NFT games with certain licenses and has now started selling spaceship NFTs – but what the game will look like is still unclear.

Star Trek was one of the biggest and most popular film and television franchises in the world in the 90s and early 2000s. There was also regular new fodder for fans in the video game market.

Then it was quiet for a while about traveling into endless expanses.

There are currently 2 Star Trek TV series airing, more movies are on the way, and an adventure game for gaming fans is about to be released (via

It’s now joined by a project from rights holder Paramount, which relies entirely on NFT content. The first spaceships are already on offer, but we still don’t know what the game will look like. MeinMMO presents “Star Trek: Continuum”.

NFT is the new trend in gaming, companies are worth billions of dollars – but why?

Star Trek: Continuum – Getting Started costs $250 to start

What kind of game is it? It is not possible to say with certainty at this time. Currently, there is only one roadmap with 4 seasons, which gives little indication of what type of game it will be:

  • Season 0: You can buy the NFT ships you need for missions
  • Season 1: NFT crew members are added – you need them to travel by boat
  • Season 2: You can start missions to collect more NFT goods
  • Season 3: More NFTs come into play – including planets, characters, species and more

So far only Season 0 has a date. The first airdrop with NFT spacecraft takes place there. On April 9 at 5:00 p.m. our time, the first ship sale begins for 24 hours. First airdrop ships cost at least $250 (about €230 / as of April 08, 2022).

It’s a game, but what it’s like, whether you can control the sheep yourself or just send them on regular missions, can’t be said at this time.

Pamela Kaufman, president of consumer products and experiences at Paramount, said, “Fans should be able to interact with our content wherever they are, including the metaverse” (via

For the moment, it seems that the “game” with the missions is of secondary importance. It’s more of a collection of “Star Trek” style NFTs.

The ships are randomly generated and are all slightly different.

How to join You can connect to a Star Trek website ( Here you buy a ship and then become part of the NFT project.

The first batch of ships is available from April 9, 5:00 p.m. for 24:00. Here you need to spend at least around €230 to acquire your share in the new Continuum.

More ships will follow later, but there is no pricing information for the next batch yet.

What ships are there? In total, you have the option of 6 different ship classes. Everything is managed via the Metaverse market “Recur”.

However, you cannot choose which one you get. Instead, it works via NFT loot boxes:

  • Captain Pack offer: 6 ship classes
    • Cost: $250
    • Miranda – 22.23%
    • Oberth – 22.23%
    • Soyuz – 22.23%
    • Class III carriers – 22.23%
    • Constitution – 5.55%
    • Recast of the Constitution – 5.55%
  • Admiral Pack offer: 2 ship classes
    • Recurring pass required (about $350)
    • Cost: $250
    • Constitution – 50%
    • Constitution Recast – 50%

All ships are also visually unique and are created by an automatic algorithm. To access the Admiral Pack, you need a Recur Market Pass beforehand. The pass provides benefits when purchasing digital goods on the platform.

The price of the pass varies, was around $350 at the time of writing.

To promote the NFT project, some actors from the “Star Trek: Discover” series have also been recruited. Including Sonequa Martin-Green, who played captain Michael Burnham.

Part of the cooperation was apparently also tweets and under one post it’s easy to see what fans think of the project (via

Many comments are along the lines of “I respect you and hope your agent is working overtime to get you out of this scam promotion”.

Because NFTs are going through a tough time and are being discussed in a very controversial way. If the content is sold and a suitable game is only suggested, this is also completely understandable.

Time will tell what will come out of the project. Meanwhile, Paramount is already planning upcoming licensed NFTs featuring Nickelodeon characters.

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