Solingen: Landtag candidate Marina Dobbert (SPD)

Marina Dobbert from Solingen
“Education is the key word of everything”

Marina Dobbert joined the NRW state parliament on June 1 last year. On May 15, she stood for the SPD in the constituency of Solingen I.

Dance has always been a passion for Marina Dobbert. She started at the age of five and had her first performance at the age of seven. “I have been connected to the sport of dance for many decades,” the 64-year-old explains. This connection also led Marina Dobbert to found the dance group Klingenstadt Solingen in 1984 and to organize shows, stages and carnival dances for all age groups. “I was here until 2015,” says Dobbert. She joined the NRW state parliament on June 1 last year and is now preparing to re-enter the state parliament as an SPD member – provided she wins the Solingen I constituency and go straight to parliament.

But Marina Dobbert assumes it with confidence. She has been politically active since 1983. “The reason for this was the vote of no confidence in Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. “I saw social democratic achievements in danger and wanted to help ensure that these achievements continued to exist” , says Dobbert. A menacing elbow society increased their engagement. “Solidarity fell through” – reason enough for the Social Democrat to get involved in politics.

The 64-year-old has also benefited from being an athlete through and through. So she doesn’t just know how to fight for one thing and always give her all. “Sports clubs offer everyone from different backgrounds something in common. It’s about teamwork and a high level of integration,” says the MP.

She wishes to continue this commitment for the voters of Solingen in the future. But she has a lot to offer professionally and says the interests of so-called “little people” are particularly important to her. Climate protection, economic transformation, sustainability, not wasting resources, appreciating nature: “Everyone must be involved in everything we do. We can’t leave anyone here,” says Marina Dobbert.

Before entering the parliament of the Land of Düsseldorf, she worked for about 20 years at the employment office on Kamper Straße in Ohligs. She took on various tasks in the service of employers, for example the qualification of employees. Dobbert himself graduated from high school and studied social pedagogy in the late 1980s. She got her first job in 1994 at the youth workshop in Monheim. She worked there for five years — “but still only on temporary contracts,” says Dobbert. She didn’t want to put up with this anymore and acted against fixed-term contracts. Consequently, she was no longer considered when allocating positions. She filed a complaint with the union, the case was brought before the regional labor court. Dobbert succeeded here.

She knows things are worth fighting for. The sporting aspect of fighting for a cause didn’t just help that cause. The mother of two sons – 39 and 35; a six-year-old grandson – “always worked” when he was young so that the money would go into the household coffers. As a taxi driver, as a waitress, as an administrator and travel agent, for example, before studying social education and exercising this profession before going to the employment agency. dobbert “I come from a modest background and I still had the opportunity to organize my life quite well.”

According to her, this could go above all through education: “That’s the key word in everything,” says the SPD MP. This is why she wants to get involved in the new parliament of the Land of NRW, as she did recently in the school and education committee. In addition, she “heard a lot” in the Europe and International Commission and as a representative in several other commissions.

It is also represented in the parliamentary commission of inquiry into catastrophic floods. “Very exciting,” she says, referring to this committee, which is not yet finished.

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