Snoop Dogg NFT: This rapper shows the potential of the NFT market

Undoubtedly, all key figures in the non-fungible token market indicate that the new asset class is taking hold. Despite volatile development, NFTs have been increasingly traded in recent years as the number of different non-fungible tokens available increases. But widespread adoption requires mainstream attention.

Because in April 2022, there are still the vast majority of investors who do not invest in NFTs and in some cases do not have cryptos in their portfolio. Fortunately, there are prominent stars who, for their part, are fully engaged in the NFT market and thus gradually increasing their notoriety. In the following article, we take a look at American rapper Snoop Dogg, who recognized the potential of NFTs like no other.

NFT Precious Wallet by Snoop Dogg

Snopp Dogg has a diverse and valuable portfolio of NFTs – so far so good. But the present possessions are hardly known. Nonetheless, Snopp Dogg posted a tweet about six months ago in which he admitted that he was Cozomo de Medici – a gifted NFT collector. At this point, the NFT collection would have been worth over $17 million. It doesn’t seem unlikely that other non-fungible tokens have come into Snopp Dog’s ownership over the past six months. Its NFT collection probably includes tokens like CryptoPunks, Art Blocks Token or Meebits. For their part, CryptoPunks are primarily responsible for the high value of Snopp Dog’s NFT wallet (over $13 million as of September 2021).

Snoop Dogg NFTs: Many of the Rapper’s Creations

Snoop Dogg and non-fungible tokens – it’s a passionate connection. Because Snopp Dogg leaned into NFTs early on and is considered the prominent face of disruptive change in the music industry. In the past, Snopp Dog has already designed the NFT collection “A Journey with the Dogg” in collaboration with the crypto exchange The collection gives fans an authentic insight into the life of a rap artist.

More recently, he released the music video “House I Built” – the first official music video for the sandbox game.Β΄

Additionally, new NFTs are coming to the Metaverse after the Super Bowl halftime show this year. The first collection of The Sandbox Avatars NFT is coming soon. These will be 10,000 NFTs designed by Snoop Dogg himself for use in The Sandbox Game. The rap icon himself described the launch of NFT as follows:

“Doggie collection we are about to drop”.

At the same time, Snopp Dogg released the “Snoopverse Early Access Pass”. These NFTs grant 5,000 owners access to the exclusive world of Snopp Dogg in their very own Snoopverse in The Sandbox. The proceeds amount to nearly two million US dollars. The current development should be extremely lucrative for Snopp Dogg. The demand is definitely there.

Musical tribute to the Bored Ape Yacht Club

Along with Wiz Khalifa, Snopp Dogg released eight new songs which were released as NFTs. This is a separate declaration of love to the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and ApeCoin, which launched just a few weeks ago. The creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club are taking the next step in the Metaverse journey with their very own token. A whole ecosystem could emerge here, which Snopp Dogg mentions by name in the individual tracks. The new songs are sold exclusively through the new cryptocurrency ApeCoin, after which the Ape course exploded in due course.

Death Row Records becomes the first Metaverse label

Snopp Dogg recently bought Death Row Records, where he started his career. In the beginning, the rapper himself belonged to the label, today it is the opposite. However, Snopp Dogg doesn’t just want to continue the label. Rather, he is considering transformation into a digital label. Death Row Records is on its way to becoming the premier record label in the global metaverse. Snopp Dogg describes this as the NFT label, with which he wants to establish a whole new supply chain for the music industry of the future.

Gaming instead of music: This NFT is still an insider tip for 2022!

Non-fungible tokens could revolutionize many areas of life. In addition to art and music – which is where Snopp Dogg is primarily active – the game also offers far-reaching opportunities. The innovative Lucky Block crypto lottery also took the opportunity to develop a new concept that should lead to the establishment of a global crypto lottery in the medium term. Online gambling is a rapidly growing market.

In addition, there are the advantages of a blockchain-based raffle, which increases transparency and thus increases the confidence of participants.

The new Lucky Block NFTs build on this approach. Anyone who buys a Lucky Block NFT on the new NFT LaunchPad platform will receive a lifetime ticket for the NFT draw. Much like the music industry, online gambling and lotteries also offer the potential for disruption. Here, Lucky Block acts as a pioneer. Other than the actual use case of Lucky Block NFTs, it’s probably not really presumptuous to predict a positive performance.

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