Simulation game scholarship 2021: regional winner of the student competition takes 4th place in Germany

Wilfried Röth, member of the Board of Directors of the Savings Bank (Photo: Sparkasse Rhein-Maas)

District of Cleves. In the 39th round of the savings bank stock exchange simulation game, participants took advantage of the eventful second year of the pandemic stock exchange. The game period, which was extended for the first time from 10 to 17 weeks, allowed participants to pursue their investment strategy even longer. The teams mainly rely on well-known stocks of big companies such as Tesla, Amazon, Apple and Co.

A total of 159 students from 52 secondary school teams in the Sparkasse Rhein-Maas business area took part in the “student competition” of the business game. 46 students competed in the “student competition” in order to carry out the most successful corporate actions possible.

Wilfried Röth, member of the board of directors of Sparkasse, at the award ceremony, which again took place digitally: “We were delighted that so many participants took part in this game round of the second year of the pandemic. As a savings bank, our central concern is to foster the financial education of the younger generation in our industry so that they can make their own financial decisions in the future. We would like to congratulate the successful participants for their placements. It is worth mentioning in particular that Leonard Hund, a student at the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, not only won our competition, but also took first place in the Rhineland savings bank ranking and the ranking of all savings banks NRW – it landed in the respectable place in Germany 4th place”.

After a short excursion into economic events during the planning game phase, particularly the new federal government, booster vaccinations to combat the pandemic, high inflation rates as well as supply bottlenecks and business bankruptcies, the awards ceremony was followed by a virtual presentation of cash prizes for class and student coffers.

The results in detail:

In the school competition, a total of three teams from the vocational school of the district of Kleve obtained the best places. The “Universe 7” team achieved first place in the general regional ranking with an increase in seed capital from EUR 50,000 to a total of EUR 53,825.39. Team “DyBalaIchSaveNoch” took second place and team “SFOSO21CALVE” took fourth place. Third place went to the team “Die Rasensprenger” from the Realschule of the city of Rees. The “Sprint_zur_Rente” team from the municipal high school in Straelen took fifth place.

Sustainable investments have also been very popular in the stock market simulation game for many years. This is additionally rewarded with the Sparkasse. The “HomerSimpsonGmbH” gaming group from Rees City Secondary School won first place with a total of 909.52 euros in sustainability earnings during the gaming period.

Leonard Hund from the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences won the student competition this year under the pseudonym “Gordon Gekko”. With an increase in the starting capital from EUR 50,000 to a total of EUR 57,126.87, he not only achieved the highest value in the Sparkasse field of activity, but was also the best student in the evaluation of savings banks in the Rhineland and among NRW savings banks in general. Nationally, he narrowly missed the “winner’s podium” and ended up in fourth place. S” values ​​with a growth of 17 percent. Students Felix Jürgens and Keanu Herold took second and third place in this competition. With a sustainable return of 700.18 euros, Yurii Dobrytsia won the prize for the highest increase in this area of ​​student competition.

The Sparkasse Rhein-Maas has been organizing the stock market simulation game for nearly three decades as part of its public financial education mandate. The business game stock market is an online learning game. All transactions are handled exclusively through an app.

After the game is before the game: All pupils and students interested in the scholarship in the business field of the Sparkasse Rhein-Maas should take note of the new date of the business game anniversary scholarship between 4 October 2022 and January 31, 2023.

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