Series Founder Tim Keding Leans on Blockchain with CryptoStudio

Online shoe trade (Shoepassion), recruitment platform (Absolventa) or search for premises for craftsmen (Monteurzimmer): As a multiple founder, Tim Keding has already achieved digital success in several areas. Now he is venturing into a new profession: the blockchain! With a still young team, he now wants to bring cryptocurrencies to as many people as possible with “CryptoStudio”. The Berlin-based company provides an independent comparison and knowledge platform with data-driven tools for crypto savers. By doing so, he wants to enable inexperienced users in particular to make decisions based on the crypto market.

What do shoes have to do with crypto?

As the founder of Shoepassion, I’ve often been asked what kind of experience I have in the shoe industry. My answer has always been that I don’t come from the shoe industry, but from the internet industry. And that’s also the answer to your question: my entire career has revolved around the Internet and technological innovations, from a 12-year-old Internet user in 1993 to a serial founder of Web 2.0. So it was a logical step for me to dedicate myself to cryptocurrencies and Web 3.0 a few years ago.

What exactly does the CryptoStudio do?

Our goal is to empower everyone to make informed decisions in the crypto market. To this end, we provide an independent comparison and knowledge platform as well as data-driven decision support tools. On our website we compare and explain providers and products in a detailed provider comparison. We prepare up-to-date information on interest rates, provide information on the asset class and give specific advice. Unlike many other crypto-focused platforms, we always remain non-dogmatic and neutral. Additionally, with the Savings Plan and Interest Calculator, we provide a detailed planning tool that our users can use to calculate their potential for developing crypto assets.

So you see yourself as a sort of Check24 for cryptocurrencies. How many do you have in your portfolio and how is the selection made?

The Check24 comparison does touch on one aspect of CryptoStudio, namely our vendor comparisons. But we are much more than just a comparison platform: we also impart knowledge in the form of content and tools, including a “Crypto ABC” in which new and experienced crypto investors can gain a deeper understanding. depth of the asset class. In our “Lending ABC”, we explain in detail how “crypto lending”, i.e. crypto savings with interest-bearing savings accounts, works.

The interest rate overview, updated daily, allows savers to optimize their interest yield and the savings plan and interest calculator is a planning tool for accumulating crypto assets. We see ourselves as a point of contact for anyone who wants to learn more about crypto investments and needs up-to-date and detailed information for their crypto wealth planning.

Cryptocurrencies as an asset class have yet to really hit the mainstream. Why do you think now is the time for a crypto comparison platform like CryptoStudio?

The main reason the asset class has yet to reach the mainstream is that most crypto projects are made by nerds for nerds, so to speak. There is no independent authority that prepares crypto topics for the mainstream user in an easy and understandable way. The CryptoStudio fills exactly this gap. We pay special attention to crypto loans, because the concept of interest is understandable to almost everyone. So we believe that the combination of crypto lending and stablecoins is the killer app for crypto.

What are the challenges of a cryptocurrency comparison platform? After all, cryptocurrencies are very volatile – what is common in the morning is no longer true in the evening…

The crypto market is very dynamic. There are many different concepts, and new platforms and protocols are emerging all the time. A comparison and knowledge platform should always stay on the ball and always provide users with up-to-date information. This applies to our provider comparisons as well as content, interest rate overview and decision support tools. A final word on volatility: While it is true that price swings are a deterrent to many investors. Again, however, I would like to refer again to Crypto Lending. On crypto lending platforms, savers can invest in stablecoins, i.e. cryptocurrencies pegged 1:1 to the euro or the US dollar, for example. You can therefore generate interest without exposing yourself to volatility risks. For many of our users, this is a way to continue to take advantage of the return opportunities in the crypto market with relatively manageable risk.

What are your growth plans with CryptoStudio for 2022?

We want to give our users the greatest advantage possible, which is why we will be expanding our provider comparisons this year. Currently, we offer provider comparisons for crypto lending and crypto exchanges as well as a list of relevant podcasts and newsletters. We will expand these comparisons to include other providers. Comparisons for hardware wallets and control software are also planned next. We also want to expand our content area and further develop our decision support tools. As we continue to develop our platform, we will focus on the needs of our users.

What turns you on personally about crypto?

I have actively experienced the evolution of Web 1.0 since childhood and succeeded in Web 2.0 with Shoepassion, Absolventa and Monteurzimmer as a serial founder and later also as an investor. In Web 3.0, on the other hand, I was initially only active as an investor and only later as a founder. Since my passion lies in product development, I feel most comfortable when I create on my own. I find it fascinating to think that blockchain technology will help everyone have more financial opportunity and sovereignty. I wanted to contribute to that. The CryptoStudio is the result.

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