SEGA is planning a Metaverse called Super Game

Now gaming giant SEGA has announced plans for a gaming metaverse. The SEGA Gaming Metaverse is to be developed and marketed as “Super Game”.

In a 5-year plan, a network framework of various AAA games is to be created, which can integrate Web3 and NFT technologies.

According to SEGA producer Masayoshi Kikuchi, the Super Game program is a natural extension for the future of gaming. And expansion into new areas like cloud gaming and NFT content is an imperative development.

We also develop Super Game from the perspective of how well different games can be connected with each other.

Masayoshi Kikuchi

SEGA producer

Super Game’s plans eventually lead to a metaverse in which different games are connected to each other. He added that several new games will be developed for the Super Game project, which will be interactive games that go far beyond the scope of traditional games.

Super Game Project – Metaverse of various AAA games

SEGA Vice President Shuji Utsumi defines the Super Game Project as the development of AAA games that will cover SEGA’s full range of gaming technologies.

A title in the Super Game Project, he added, must work on multiple platforms, be programmed in multiple languages, be released simultaneously around the world, and it must still be a game.” Triple A” – a designation for SEGA’s most successful games, such as Call of Duty or the FIFA series.

In other words, you can imagine that the scale of the game’s development will be that of a global blockbuster. […] Several projects are currently underway for Super Game.

Shuji Utsumi

Vice President of SEGA

SEGA Thoughts on Blockchain and NFT – Zigzag Course or Deception?

In April 2021, SEGA announced plans to partner with Tokyo-based blockchain developer, double, to develop a full suite of NFTs based on SEGA’s intellectual property and popular game characters to market. .

Then roll backwards. In January 2022, SEGA CEO Haruki Satomi stated that the company had no concrete plans to work in the blockchain, NFT, or P2E (Play to Earn) space.

Referring specifically to NFT content, he added that although SEGA has tried NFT content in various experiments and more studies will follow, there is currently no decision in the P2E field.

Regarding NFT, we would like to try different experiments and we have already done that, we have done many different studies and considerations, but regarding P2E, nothing is decided at this stage.

Satomi Haruki


This has caused an uproar among gamers who want new developments and NFT content. They went public with their displeasure in numerous forums and blocked entries. Only a week later, it was announced that SEGA had registered its own NFT company.

SEGA NFT - registered trademark of SEGA
SEGA NFT – registered trademark of SEGA

And now, the release of the five-year plan for Super Game Project, SEGA’s own Metaverse development with NFT content. Is this a fundamentally different decision, or was it just a cover-up tactic to fool the competition?

A number of competitors are more advanced

Now, SEGA has also decided to venture into Web3, Blockchain, Metaverse and NFT content areas and develop game content for it.

A whole range of game developers have long had great success in these segments. Among others, the direct competitor Ubisoft, one of the world’s best-known game developers.”>Ubisoft strengthens its commitment to blockchain gaming

Web3, Metaverse and NFT – What is it?

There’s a lot of talk here about terms like Web3, Metaverse, and NFT, as if that’s the most normal thing in the world. For insiders it is also the most normal thing in the world, for others here are some small explanations.


Web3 is supposed to be the next step and the future of the WWW. According to the ideas of the developers, it should go back to the beginnings, so to speak, when the Internet was not yet dominated by a few corporations.

The goal is a decentralized organization of Web3 and all users should be able to publish and use content without having to enter into contracts with companies.

The developers see the practical structure in a form of blockchain technology. Web3 then no longer runs on a few mainframes of large companies, but on many small computers of “normal” users.

It is therefore freely accessible to everyone and cannot be centrally influenced or deactivated.


Simply put, the Metaverse is a vision of a shared online world, merging the virtual world with augmented realities, cyberspace, and the physical world.

Metaverse users create a digital identity (avatar) and thus evolve in a common virtual world. It is played out in this world, but also exchanged, bought and sold.

For example, “player” avatars in the gaming metaverse create digital items that are also sold there. Payment is made with cryptocurrencies, which can ultimately be converted into real money.


The term “NFT” stands for “Non-Fungible Token”. A token is proof of ownership in the digital world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks. So an NFT is a non-tradable proof of ownership in the crypto world, a title deed or certificate of authenticity, so to speak.

These clear proofs of ownership are important for commerce in the virtual world of the metaverse. Without this, digital products could simply be copied and therefore duplicated, making these digital items unappealing to retailers.

Meta still plans its own token

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