Scout Zytturm in the Metaverse

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Scout Zytturm in the Metaverse

Around 170 Zug Scouts gathered for a big game with many heroes in attendance.

The visit of Ali Express, Battery Man, Billie Eilish, Sherlock Holmes, Capri Sun and Maya the bee was the big highlight of Scout Zyttrum Zug’s first department activity. They came to us from the Metaverse to extend their sphere of influence from the Metaverse into the real world. For this they depended on as many fans as possible, which they were looking for with our scouts. About 170 members of the Zytturm Zug scout came from all levels to support their heroine or hero. When do you have the opportunity to meet the great idols of the virtual world in person?

The approximately 170 scouts at the big game on the Schützenmattwiese.

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While the beavers (5 to 6 years old) and Wölfli (7 to 10 years old) were able to get to know the great personalities directly on the Schützenmattwiese, the scouts (11 to 17 years old) met beforehand on the Landsgemeindeplatz. The sentry run in the direction of Schützenmattwiese, which was intended for preparation, turned out to be more difficult than expected. While the first were there half an hour later, the last took a little longer and found a detour via the Schönegg. In the meantime, those who had already arrived had a chance to join fans of other levels and join their idols. The younger ones, who sang their beaver song upon arrival, received special attention. From now on, nothing could stand in the way of metagames.

Maya l’Abeille et Cie depended on the latest digital technologies to continue growing their influence. We have therefore transported many QR codes from the beginning of the playing field – the real world – through different game areas to its end: the Metaverse. The members of the different levels were divided into the areas in which different challenges had to be mastered. While the little ones had to show dexterity, the older ones required more physical effort, daring and spirit to pass the QR codes through the zones.

Experience shared with the team

Because the different groups of fans were able to steal each other’s QR codes, for example by stealing foxtail, there was a lot of activity. For some these games were new, others, the seasoned foxes, knew how they worked and passed on their experience to their teams. Surprised at how many of us were in this activity, everyone happily jumped, clapped and laughed together.

All too soon there was a well-deserved snack break and the ensuing ranking announcement. It turned out that all the heroes were able to build up a large fan base. The most successful was Maya the Bee. There was particularly loud applause for her and her fans. As a farewell, everyone received a badge of their meta character to sew onto their Scout shirt as a keepsake.

We look back on a fantastic activity with a rewarding number of participants and the best time and look forward to the next time when we will all be together again. Precisely because the activities are usually organized in small groups, we must slowly but surely get used to larger crowds. Because in the summer we travel to Goms, where we can meet all the other scouts from Switzerland in the federal camp. We are particularly looking forward to this scouting highlight par excellence, which only takes place every 14 years.

For Zytturm Zug scouts: Rahel Bürgi v/o Mikesch

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