Regional elections 2022 in NRW: the electoral program of the Greens

National election NRW 2022
It is in the electoral program of the Greens

In their election program “From here to the future”, the Greens for the regional elections in North Rhine-Westphalia set further priorities in addition to well-known topics such as climate protection and the energy transition. Overview of the most important points.

The Greens are campaigning for the regional elections in North Rhine-Westphalia with one promise: they want to risk a new political start for the state – and make it a success. On 122 pages of its electoral manifesto, the party has listed how it will achieve this and what projects it wants to carry out. An overview of the goals of the Greens:

climate protection Climate neutral by 2040 – in NRW as soon as possible. It is one of their objectives. The Greens’ immediate climate protection program should ensure this. Annual targets and measures for each sector are defined in a climate protection law. In addition to investments in municipal climate protection, wind energy and solar systems must also be “massively” developed in order to ensure the phasing out of coal by 2030 and to generate electricity entirely from coal. renewable energies by 2035. But another objective should also be achieved by 2035: in order to curb the sealing of areas, the Greens want to limit land consumption from eight to five hectares per day currently and reduce it to zero by 2035. Instead of sealing off new green spaces, existing spaces should be made usable again. Species protection will be reinforced, among other things, by a new national park in the Senne.

mobility The Greens want to make environmentally friendly mobility attractive to everyone, including in rural areas. With a mobility guarantee, people across the country should be able to travel by bus and train from 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. And that with a citizen ticket for the whole of NRW which is affordable for everyone. At the same time, a common reservation platform for all mobility services – buses, carpooling services, rental vehicles – is to be developed over the next five years. But cycling should also develop under the Greens. They plan to develop a national network of cycle paths. At the same time, more charging options need to be created in private and public spaces to support the shift to electromobility.

Regional elections NRW 2022: the electoral program of the Greens

Business According to the Greens, the economy must also become climate neutral, starting with the steel industry. Therefore, the security of green hydrogen supply is a top priority for the party. In addition, the Greens want to support companies on the way to the circular economy, in which raw materials and products have been used for a long time. Your goal for NRW: “Zero Waste” by 2050 at the latest. The party wants every household to have fast internet access and 5G by 2030. In order to counter the shortage of skilled labour, especially in skilled trades, training must be improved and access to the labor market for qualified workers from abroad must be facilitated.

The 30 most used words in the Greens election manifesto. The more a word is represented, the more frequently it has been used.
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training In the school sector, the party is planning major investments: buildings must be modernized, digital equipment improved and more teachers recruited. And in the future, more qualified specialists will also be responsible for quality early childhood education in day care centres. The Greens also plan to develop day care in schools in addition to crèche places: 200,000 additional places must be created. They also want to double the funding for the whole day with 4,000 euros per place. With the training guarantee that the Greens want to put in place, all young people should be able to obtain a professional qualification – regardless of their origin or the income of their parents.

To reside “Housing is a human right” is on the Greens’ agenda. Therefore, on the one hand, they want to support homeless people with needs-based offers. On the other hand, more affordable housing should be created by limiting rent increases or promoting the construction of social housing. In areas where the housing market is tight, the conversion of rental apartments into condominiums should be limited.

Health and care In the so-called “health” regions, the Greens want to guarantee all citizens medical care. In the future, outpatient and inpatient services should be planned together, especially in underserved rural areas. At the same time, the party plans to improve working conditions in the areas of health and care – and at a fair wage.

democracy The Greens want to offer all citizens – regardless of their educational qualifications, income or living situation – the opportunity to participate in political decisions. To this end, among others, citizens’ councils must be convened in state politics. But children and young people must also have a say in their future. This is why the Greens want to lower the voting age to 16. In addition, volunteering is given higher priority in government policy. This should be achieved, for example, by funding scouts who support volunteers.

Security According to the Greens, NRW is basically a safe country, which is also due to the good work of the police. For this reason, the high recruitment figures must be maintained and the police in training must be reinforced. However, they reject full CCTV without cause, detection and Palantir software or the use of tasers. In the event of a disaster, the structures must be adapted so that the dangers are better recognized and relief can intervene more quickly. According to the party, right-wing extremism has no place in NRW, neither within the police nor in society.

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