RAF Camora plans NFT drop

With the well-known rapper RAF Camora, a German music artist is now also opening up exclusive access to his work – via the possibility of non-fungible tokens (NFT). With an NFT drop, the rapper would like to involve his fans in the success of the current album “Zukunft”.

Comparable projects have already been set up in the recent past by artists such as Snoop Dogg or Eminem. RAF Camora is in no way inferior to the big names in rap. In this article, we explain how the NFT project is planned and how interested parties can participate.

NFTs on the music scene

One of the most famous crypto enthusiasts in the rap scene is undoubtedly Snoop Dogg. He is one of many artists who have been investing in cryptocurrencies for some time. The artist is now offering Snoop Dogge Coins as NFTs through the Crypto.com platform. He himself owns NFT and is considering other projects.

The “Bored Apes Project” has probably received the most hype in this area so far. NFTs were sold for little money at first and sold for just under $3 million at their peak. Artists like Eminem, but also Justin Bieber could afford these NFTs.

Possession also allows exclusive access to a metaverse in which the stars meet, but ultimately “normal fans” can participate as well. Assuming you own one of the “bored monkeys”.

NFTs as a point of contact between the artist and the fan

The basic idea of ​​many projects often comes close to the idea of ​​blockchain. Equal participation and random distribution of artwork definitely reflects the (decentralized) idea of ​​justice in blockchain projects.

In addition to musicians, professional sports clubs in particular have recognized the added value that the NFT zone can have in contact with fans. Non-exchangeable (fan) items represent a special closeness to the artist/athlete/VIP and in many cases also allow exclusive participation in the “world” of the artist.

The owners of these NFTs often have the opportunity to participate in special meetings, exclusive discussions or the like. Thanks to these NFTs, fans can get to know their favorite artists better and get in touch with them.

RAF Camora – Achieve Gold Status

RAF Camora’s idea is as follows: the album “Zukunft” was able to propel itself to the top of the charts in a very short time. In the DACH region, the artist ended up at number 1 in the album charts with the record. After a few months, the album even reached gold status.

RAF Camora would like to share this golden status with their fans. This is where his enthusiasm for blockchain – more specifically, the idea of ​​NFTs – comes into play. A separate song will be dedicated to the project. “My Planet” will be released on April 22, 2022.

The NFT project in detail

There will be 5555 unique items available to fans and investors. Part of the package includes: the future official gold plate in a digital version including a certificate of authenticity – as it hangs in the studio at RAF Camora – as well as the digital artwork of the gold plate. gold in 5555 versions in different rarity levels, the download for the song “Mein Planet”, a Gold Plate physics with numbering. The plaque acts as a certificate of authenticity and gives buyers access to special goodies, meetups and gated communities where RAF Camora will stay to be even closer to its fans.

The strike price per NFT will be 155 euros.

The following benefits are related to NFTs. A distinction is made between original, rare and legendary NFTs (the assignment is random).

Original (5195x) Uncommon (350x) Legendary (5x)
Online player access with RAF Song Planet All original perks All original perks
Participation in exclusive giveaways of 300 limited merch pieces or A lifetime VIP concert ticket
Access to spots from the whitelist of partner projects 1 of 50 original RAF song notes Free lifetime admission to every concert
A certified part of the future gold plate All OG Benefits
Access to the RAF Camora Inner Circle

RAF Camora and Crypto

RAF Camora itself sees huge opportunities in the blockchain and crypto space alongside its NFT project. He himself is invested in crypto and holds a stable wallet. This is less of a fascination than the fact that cryptocurrencies and therefore blockchain are part of the future and you cannot escape the future.

Conclusion: Opportunities and Risks

The attentive reader recognizes that there are almost endless opportunities in the field of cryptocurrencies. However, the recent past has also brought to light some dark sheep, especially in the NFT zone. However, the RAF Camora NFT project does not appear to fall into the category of carpet pulls. Proximity to fans, especially through the advantages mentioned, takes on its full meaning. The entry price does not seem too high.

It is not possible to answer at this stage to what heights the described NFTs could rise. Such projects are not suitable and are probably not designed as investments with the best possible return. On the contrary, the added value for true fans is the focus here. For the artist too, the emphasis is on this added value and not on generating a monetary source of income.

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