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Wemade Connect

Seoul, South Korea, March 31, 2022 (Reuters) /PRNewswire/

Enjoy farming and have the opportunity to monetize the gaming experience

The Korean game developer and publisher Wemade Connect opens pre-registration for its mobile game on March 31 Each farmwhich is based on non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Pre-registration is possible via the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Players will have a chance to win FLERO tokens and limited edition decorative items, while Wemade Connect will also be running other promotions through their social media channels.

When pre-registration begins, there will be three rounds of the Every Farm Airdrop Promotion and you will have the opportunity to win FLERO Tokens. Check the official website for the latest information. (

Inspired by the economic simulation Every Town, Every Farm, the blockchain game uses the global WEMIX blockchain platform, including the FLERO token and NFTs around the world. Players can look forward to a farming experience while converting their in-game wealth into fiat currency.

Players can manage their own farms and grow necessary crops that become essential ingredients for mills, factories, and restaurants. Players can also prepare delicious meals and serve customers to earn in-game revenue. Additionally, players will be rewarded with hearts that can be exchanged for FLERO tokens, the first gameplay monetization experience.

Each farm is about creating a community, visiting neighbors’ farms, trading, and building relationships and businesses together.

“Every Farm is a game that not only gives users a real farming experience, but also allows them to earn tokens and NFTs – in other words, players can earn money from their own crypto farm “, explains Hodae Lee, CEO of Wemade Connect.

Be sure to register early to be updated on the project and release streaks.

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Wemade Connect is a global game company specializing in game development and publishing, as well as an MCP (Master Contents Provider) that provides key content for the WEMIX blockchain platform. The company’s main games, which enjoy great popularity in the global market, include Everytown, Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium and My Secret Bistro. The company is currently focused on integrating blockchain into its core games as well as discovering new blockchain-based technologies. Games.

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