“play-to-earn”: Balthazar survey: NFT games popular with blockchain players as a potential full-time job | news

Nearly a third of Filipino NFT game players plan to earn their money exclusively from it in the future

Balthazar CEO John Stefanidis: “With NFT games [knnen sie] potentially earn the same – if not more -.”

In Q3 2021, NFT games accounted for nearly a quarter of NFT transaction volume

Nearly a third (32%) of blockchain gamers are considering or planning to quit their job to earn full-time money playing NFT games. That’s according to a survey released by gaming platform NFT Balthazar in mid-March of around 1,100 people in the Philippines who either already play NFT games or are interested in doing so.

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On average, gamers would need to earn at least $42 a day to quit their job

59% of respondents already play NFT games full time, but have other jobs on the side. More than two-thirds (65%) of gamers surveyed said they needed to earn an average of at least $42 a day playing NFT games to consider quitting their other job.

In the March 2022 Balthazar report, John Stefanidis, CEO of gaming platform NFT, is quoted as saying: “[] many are willing to quit their other jobs to play NFT games because they can potentially earn the same, if not more, from NFT games.”

However, 69% of players registered with Balthazar also said that they could not afford the high initial investment and therefore depended on offers that reduced these costs, for example via multiplayer offers.

Majority of Respondents Depend on NFT Game Revenue

More than half (52%) of survey participants said they spend earnings from NFT games on rent payments or weekly purchases. Another 19 percent use their earnings for training. Of those surveyed, 69% are unemployed, including many students. 27% said they had a job, 3% had more than one job. Those who work alongside NFT games earn an average of $316 per month, or $16 per day, according to Balthazar.

For comparison, according to Glassdoor, a teacher in the Philippines earns about 40,000 Philippine pesos (PHP) per month, or about $760.

Balthazar predicts big success for NFT games in 2022

According to Balthazar, popular games include “Axie Infinity”, “Gods Unchained”, and “Star Atlas”. It can be assumed that play-to-earn games will play a major role in the crypto market in 2022, as many are currently invested in them. A lot of money can be made with NFT games: According to the Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA) 2021 report, the transaction volume in NFT games was US$2.32 billion in the third quarter of 2021 alone, or 22 % of total NFT. transaction volume corresponds to this period.

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