PIRATES push for rapid improvements in the integration of refugee children

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+++ Years of negligence in the integration of refugees must be addressed +++ PIRATES demand free German lessons and an increase in the number of pedagogical and school psychological staff +++ Unconditional education that includes everything the world +++

Children in particular suffer in wars and when they flee [1], we see this again now with Ukrainian children who are now arriving in Germany as refugees. Overwhelmed by torn families, traumatic experiences due to the destruction and violence they have witnessed, they find refuge in a country whose language they do not speak. It is therefore very difficult to get used to everyday life in German schools [2]. Irrespective of the current situation, PIRATES strives to achieve free further education in language courses up to B1 and for students up to C1 in their election program for a better integration of all refugees who have arrived in Germany. [3].

“We PIRATES have been calling for a long time to finally make it easier for refugees to settle here. The fact that language courses are still associated with costs and a lot of bureaucracy is an absolute shame for Germany as a country of education and shows how important it is Our unconditional demand for education is Unlimited education starts with easy communication and it must not fail because of it,” says Wilk Spieker, state chairman of PIRATEN NRW and list candidate for the 2022 state elections.

It must also be ensured that flight experiences and consequences such as war trauma are dealt with professionally.[4] To this end, we insistently demand, as for the public letter of #WirWerdenLaut, an increase in the number of pedagogical and school psychological staff [5].

“Even in German schools, we still have too little empathy for refugees. This requires both media competence and historical training through a culture of remembrance and the associated political education. We must also offer refugees a safe space to process their experiences. Teachers can interpret the signs of trauma, but only experts should continue to diagnose. The current staff shortage needs to be made up as soon as possible,” says Sven Bechen, second chairman of the Junge Piraten and candidate for the state list of the PIRATE North Rhine-Westphalia.

Unsurprisingly, we can also learn a lot from Ukrainians. Most Ukrainian learners and teachers are very good at distance learning in digital form, have nationwide online learning portals, and are well ahead of our digital inertia in schools.[6]

“The PIRATES have been trying to establish self-determined distance education in Germany since 2011. The use of license-free software and the possibility of broadcasting the lessons are particularly important to us. Mandatory attendance as a relic of the imperial era must finally be Unfortunately, concepts such as the 4-K model and individual learning in mixed spaces, which would have a positive effect on both transport and education, are far too neglected in this country”, explains Jonas Wessel, candidate for the Schleswig-Holstein PIRATES state list for the state election and member of AG Education.


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