PIKOTARO and NFT phenomenon Zombie Zoo Keeper present their new music video project

Japanese comedian PIKOTARO is known for his hit song “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen”, which was released on YouTube in 2016 and now has over 416 million views. His new music video project “Zombie Zoo to PIKOTARO DESU” was released on May 3, created in collaboration with 9-year-old NFT artist Zombie Zoo Keeper.

The project connects two generations of the Internet and ushers in a new era of entertainment. Fans could unlock a preview of the music video by purchasing a limited Zombie Zoo Keeper NFT on the OP3N platform. The video was created by YouTube star Wengie and produced by KOSAKA DAIMAOU. PICOTARO provided the music for the song, while Zombie Zoo’s mother, Emi Kusano (aka Emi Satellite), provided the lyrics for the track. The song features vocals from all three artists.

Golden ticket for other projects

NFTs are digital artworks sold in limited numbers. They are offered on platforms such as OpenSea or OP3N and can quickly increase in value over time. The common currency used to buy NFTs is the cryptocurrency ETH (Ethereum). From April 25 to 27, there was a chance to purchase one of 1000 Zoombie Zoo Keeper and PIKOTARA collaboration music video frames. The coveted NFTs were priced at 0.08 ETH (about 216 euros).

Anyone who was able to purchase any of the PikoZoo NFTs has also been added as a member of the Zombie Zoo family and whitelisted for future collaborations. There’s a golden ticket to the next collaboration with Shinsei Galverse, which is an NFT project spearheaded by Zombie Zoo’s mother, Emi Kusano. The highest price of Pixel Art NFT of Zombie Zoo is 4 ETH (about 10800 euros). Another perk for PikoZoo NFT owners was access to exclusive live audio chat with PIKOTARO, Zombie Zoo Keeper and Emi Kusano on OP3N.

The NFT art collection from the two artists’ music video project is on sale under the name “PikoZoo” on the OP3N platform. The still very young creator of NFT Zombie Zoo Keeper started creating his first “Zombies x Animals” themed NFTs when he was 8 years old. He rose to fame after Steve Aoki bought his NFTs. The number of his digital artworks is (as of March 15, 2022) 254 pieces, with a total turnover of 111 ETH (about 297,000 euros).

PIKOTARO and Zombie Zoo Keeper talk about their new project

The new music video brings together two popular internet icons, from Web2 and Web3. Speaking about the collaboration, singer-songwriter PIKOTARO said, “I have long admired the youthful creativity of Zombie Zoo Keeper and find it extremely refreshing to see art that is fun and where the imagination is the limit. “

He continues, “It’s so inspiring to see young artists like Zombie Zoo Keeper finding creative success on Web3 and I hope everyone, regardless of age, can have the freedom to create and share their work.” with the world to share and be recognized. I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Zombie Zoo Keeper on our latest music video project, using newer and more innovative Web3 tools that can help Japanese artists like us reach global audiences.”

The young pixel art artist NFT Zombie Zoo Keeper says the following about the collaboration with PIKOTARO: “It was very fun to work with PIKOTARO on this project. I can’t wait for more people to see my works and I enjoyed trying new types of art within the music video.

OP3N co-founder Eric Tu welcomes cooperation

Speaking alongside the two artists, OP3N co-founder and co-CEO Eric Tu said, “We are proud to collaborate and support this musical project as part of our efforts to bring Asian artists to the world on Web3. Our goal is to innovate and transform the way music videos are funded and produced, and at OP3N we have developed an NFT model that gives creative minds and fans the opportunity to be part of a community.

He continues, “Most importantly, this NFT template gives fans the ability to engage directly with their favorite artists and get involved in the creative process. We hope this collaboration between PIKOTARA and Zombie Zoo Keeper will give fans a fresh look at the music video and the creative process behind it.

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