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PARIS, March 22, 2022 (Reuters) /PRNewswire/

– On March 22, 2022, in Paris, Petale Group, a European fintech, will present a world first: a disruptive approach to innovative financial services that combines web 3.0, digital finance and traditional wealth management

With the launch of a first digital mutual fund, a stable digital asset and an investment and payments application, Petale is positioned at the intersection of three major growth markets: blockchain (Web 3.0 , valued at 2.030 billion euros), personal finance (9.270 billion) and wealth management (103,000 billion euros).

Building on this unique positioning, Petale offers its clients innovative financial and digital services enabling them to digitally certify and monetize physical or digital assets through innovative technical, legal and “tokenization” (blockchain security) processes. Petale, which offers exclusive access to tokenized products backed by an investment fund specializing in digital, green and strategic projects and capital markets.

Petale is already involved in investment opportunities of more than 300 million euros and is actively working with asset managers, qualified investors and companies involved in this innovation. The Petale blockchain, which records all assets under management, was developed in compliance with European regulations. It is a common, transparent, and immutable ledger that makes it easy to record financial transactions and track the condition and appreciation of digital assets.

“Petale’s vision is an intergenerational project to advance financial infrastructure and inherit a more efficient, resilient and transparent financial system for future generations. Our goal is to make investing accessible to everyone to make finance more inclusive.”said Babacar N. Seck, founding chairman of Petale Group.

With tokenization, Petale is redefining ownership, democratizing access to profitable fractional products, and providing its customers with a state-of-the-art application to manage and grow their wealth.

By combining blockchain concepts with traditional and digital financial services, Petale delivers a game-changing value proposition that ultimately helps fund the real economy.

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