Malicious NFT steals his entire wallet IT Finanzmagazin

Jay Chou/Twitter” width=”350″ height=”622″ srcset=”×622. jpg 350w,×590.jpg 332w, wp-content/uploads/2022/04/BoardAppe-NFT-3788-stolen.jpg 563w” sizes=”(max-width: 350px) 100vw, 350px”/>Pop singer Jay Chou is mourning the loss of an NFT worth half a million US dollars. Jay Chou/Twitter A design flaw had left the Rarible NFT market vulnerable – and Taiwanese singer Jay Chou lost his Bored Ape NFT … Read more

Why We Need Blockchain to Save Our Planet – and Fast

The current system of issuing environment-related assets, such as carbon credits, is prohibitively slow and expensive: blockchain will bring the efficiencies we desperately need to save our planet, says Luis Adaime, co -Founder and CEO of Moss. In a recent statement, Greenpeace proclaimed (in a rather sinister way) that “Bitcoin is fueling the climate crisis.” … Read more

New information about the 622 million hack

The Ronin attackers’ Ethereum wallet address is now on the US Treasury Department’s sanctions list, confirming their link to notorious cybercriminal group Lazarus. The Lazarus group strikes again The US Treasury Department has added the Ethereum wallet address of the Ronin attackers to its sanctions list, linking it to cybercrime group Lazarus. North Korean hacking … Read more

Will the fall wave look like 2020? A sight

Anyone who traveled a lot and was mobile was probably a pandemic driver during the first corona wave. Researchers now expect a similar development for the next wave in the fall. Scientists from Rostock analyzed the socio-economic factors of the spread of the coronavirus in different regions during the first two Pandemic– Waves tested. The … Read more

Japanese news app Line launches NFT market

Popular Japanese social messaging app Line has launched its own NFT marketplace. Users can access NFTs through the Line BITMAX wallet, which can be linked to their official Line accounts for long-term storage of NFTs. Line launches its own NFT marketplace Japan’s most popular social messaging app, Line, has officially launched the beta version of … Read more

NFT hype and bored monkeys: the club of superstars

Dhe crypto scene has long since said goodbye to its lackluster image – even though fraud and money laundering are still practiced in abundance with digital currencies. A new trend, which like Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology, has been catapulted directly into the dazzling circle of superstars – the so-called NFT. The abbreviation stands … Read more