Optimism (OP) token airdrop launch – how you can benefit

Optimism was designed to scale Ethereum. The scaling solution processes transactions outside of the Ethereum mainchain and then aggregates them there.

The project can thus significantly reduce the transaction costs of ETH. For example, a token exchange via Uniswap on Optimism currently costs only US$0.45. On the Ethereum mainnet, users have to pay $10.25 for the same transaction at the time of writing.

The technology that enables this cost reduction is called Optimistic Rollup technology – you can read exactly how this technology works here.

Optimism is one of the most promising Ethereum scaling solutions in the crypto space. There is now nearly $690 million on Optimism’s upbeat accumulation channel. According to L2beat.com, the scaling solution is the third largest ETH Layer 2 network after Arbitrum and dYdx (DYDX). In the last seven days alone, the capital (TVL) of the Optimism ecosystem has increased by 16.22%.

Source: l2beat.com

The reason for the sudden influx of capital is probably the announcement of a full series of airdrops. Because optimism has am Announced April 26that the project wants to issue its own governance token under the OP ticker.

Looking at the size of the Optimism ecosystem, one can assume that the value of the airdrop will be in league with the airdrops of dYdX and Uniswap.

The purpose of the airdrop is to reward early adopters and push the decentralization of the Ethereum scaling solution, according to the Optimism team Twitter.

How to know if you get OP tokens

OP tokens are not yet tradable. However, airdrop recipients can already check here how many OP tokens they will receive as soon as Optimism releases the tokens for trading. In addition, the Optimism team has published a list of all parachute qualification criteria.

Source: https://app.optimism.io/governanceOP Token Qualification Criteria

As the graph above shows, it was enough to qualify for the first airdrop if you had transacted in the Optimism ecosystem or participated in the DAO vote.

Optimism: how to qualify for future airdrops

The OP Airdrop will be the first in a series of airdrops to take place over the next few months. The exact date of the next airdrops has not yet been announced. However, Ethereum’s scaling solution calls on all who wish to qualify for future airdrops to actively participate in the success of the project.

Specifically, the team announced that users who use Optimism or actively participate in the development of decentralized applications are eligible for future airdrops.

Additionally, a chart from the Optimism whitepaper shows that a total of 14% of the total OP token supply must be used for future airdrops.

OP token allocation
Source: optimism.io, OP token allocation

Airdrop enthusiasts should therefore start actively participating in the ecosystem if they wish to receive OP tokens in the future. Additionally, it might be worthwhile for investors to keep an eye out for other Ethereum scaling solutions.

Namely, if Optimism succeeds in bringing more users to the network via the OP airdrop, it is likely that other ETH scaling solutions like Arbitrum will come under such pressure that they will also launch airdrops. tokens.

In addition to Arbitrum, the biggest Ethereum scaling solutions that currently have no tokens include zkSync and Aztec, among others.

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