Nissan and Toyota now also in the Metaverse

Both automakers are now also represented in the Metaverse. The different approaches of these two Asian companies, which will now be examined here, are remarkable.

Virtual offices and customer service

Nissan and Toyota are Asian automakers aiming to excite the automotive industry. They entered the Metaverse to connect with their community and open virtual offices.

Nissan and Toyota have recently entered the race for virtual reality in the Metaverse. The two major automakers have recognized the trend and are pursuing different approaches to getting their businesses into the virtual world.

Announcement April 22

Japanese automakers Toyota and Nissan announced on April 22 that they plan to offer new virtual experiences in the Metaverse. This allows customers to shop online in a virtual environment, make appointments or use virtual customer service.

Both companies aim to innovate in the Metaverse through the use of virtual reality. They plan to use this new technology in conjunction with a video game maker called VRChat to enable interactive experiences with their supercars. Such experiences may look like this:

How are Nissan and Toyota getting into the Metaverse?

The two companies decided to pursue two different strategies, both aimed at improving the customer experience. Nissan will focus on virtual reality spaces while Toyota will focus on creating remote work environments. For example, Toyota employees can meet in the Metaverse and discuss developments.

A new form of reality is also emerging from the problems caused by the coronavirus. Toyota’s virtual workspace facilitates teamwork with the latest technology. Toyota says:

As more and more people are working from home due to the corona virus, we are offering young people and other employees communication opportunities within the company.

Nissan and Toyota have yet to release details of their new offices, so it’s unclear whether they’ll choose a centralized Metaverse like Meta’s or a decentralized one like Decentraland’s.

Other automakers are already in the Metaverse

Nissan and Toyota aren’t the first companies to join the growing metaverse trend. Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz have already done this. In early April, VW offered prizes such as a ride in its latest PS5 vehicle and driving lessons at one of its academies.

Bridget Harpur, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Marketing Director, said the “new universe” offered by the Metaverse has had an extraordinary impact on consumers, so they will likely continue to create new events and experiences for their users and fans.

Meanwhile, other luxury automakers from Ferrari to Rolls Royce have yet to officially join the metaverse, but are already partnering with blockchain companies like Velas Network. It is expected that major automotive companies will soon adopt blockchain technology for the development of their cars and integrated vehicles.

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