NFT Pictures: Five beautiful and profitable NFTs!

The non-fungible token market is already extremely diverse in 2022. Investors can invest in NFT images that are simply beautiful to look at, or buy non-fungible tokens that offer multiple utilities. But it doesn’t matter which NFT images investors choose. Above-average performance is always possible.

Since tastes are known to differ, it hardly seems possible to choose the most beautiful NFT images. Nevertheless, in the following article, we want to present five NFT images that undoubtedly stand out from the competition and at the same time offer the possibility of above-average value development. Here are five exciting NFT images for the year 2022!

1. Lucky Block: Stylish NFT image as a lottery ticket!

Lucky Blocks! When you hear the name of the innovative crypto lottery in 2022, there is often excitement. Because since the pre-sale at the beginning of the year, we have always read from concerned authors that Lucky Block could become the hot coin of the year 2022. After a brilliant performance, the Lucky Block Coin took a short break – the preparations for the first crypto-lottery are currently in full swing.

But in the meantime, officials have already launched Lucky Block’s first NFT collection. Interested crypto fans can currently still purchase the latest Lucky Block NFTs at the unit price of 3.75 WBNB on NFT LaunchPad.

Instead, at Lucky Block, the NFT image is a video – more specifically, an mp4 video created in a sleek design. NFT images represent a ticket for the NFT lottery, which must take place every day after the successful sale. Anyone who buys Lucky Block’s NFT images now also has the chance to win a Lamborghini worth over €300,000 and a prize of US$1 million.

2. Johnny Depp: modern NFT images of the world famous actor

Johnny Depp has been a passionate artist for many years. Due to its success in film and music, however, the artistic streak took a back seat. However, with the triumph of non-fungible tokens, Johnny Depp brought his work to the public for the first time. Interested art lovers, fans and investors could purchase Johnny Depp’s NFTs. The Never Fear Truth collection consists of NFT images in a Street & Pop Art style. Johnny Depp is based on photographs of friends and family, the realization of the images is colorful and minimalist – a real eye-catcher!

3. Azuki: Manga-style NFT images

Although Azuki NFTs were only launched in January 2022, NFT images are already among the most popular assets in the non-fungible token market. The performance is remarkable. The developers were able to trigger a real hype with the NFT images designed in the manga style. At the same time, Azuki builds on the metaverse and gives holders exclusive access to their very own “The Garden” metaverse. The vision behind the NFT project is ambitious – after all, they want to become the biggest decentralized brand in all of the Metaverse. If you are also into manga, you will find exciting assets in Azuki NFTs, which are undoubtedly hardly affordable for private investors at six-figure prices.

4. NBA Top Shot: NFT Images for Sports Fans

NFT images don’t have to have the prettiest design or the most feature-packed utility. At the same time, it is also possible that non-fungible tokens reflect ideal value or express being a fan. The United States remains the most important capital market in the world. The demand from the United States of America is also significant for non-fungible tokens. At the same time, basketball is probably the quintessential sport in the USA. Millions of fans follow the NBA and cheer on their favorite athletes. NBA Top Shot are NFT images that digitally and uniquely depict prominent basketball players or certain scenes. If you are looking for NFT images with ideal added value as a basketball fan, you may not find the greatest potential for increased value at NBA Top Shop, but you will find a unique souvenir.

5. Morse Code: New NFTs Depict Historical Figures

The Walrus is a new NFT collection that is arguably as exciting as it is risque. Because we know little about NFT images with a Morse code in the center. However, these have recently become available for purchase for over 12 WBNBs on the NFT LaunchPad NFT Marketplace. Since there is a strictly limited number of 500 NFT images, a hype could cause a big explosion in value.

However, it must first be shown here that there are enough buyers at a unit price of 5000 euros. But the NFT images of “The Walrus” remain in memory. Finally, investors can buy images of eminent personalities there, designed like walruses. For example, there is the Walrus Putin, the Walrus Kaiser Wilhelm 2, the Walrus Elvis or the Walrus Mussolini.

NFT images: combine lucrative opportunities and aesthetic design!

Non-fungible tokens are suitable for yield-oriented investments in 2022. Additionally, however, NFT images are likely to be increasingly used in daily life and social interactions. In the future, NFT images will be included on social media and show followers which non-fungible tokens you own. This is particularly exciting because aesthetic design can be combined with lucrative valuation.

For example, if you buy the Lucky Block NFTs, you get an NFT video in a sleek black design that exudes high quality. The focus is on the right to permanent participation in a crypto lottery. However, the high quality design is definitely a great side effect! After all, aesthetic, sleek, modern or unique designs stick in the minds of potential buyers.

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