NFT as stickers? NINERS Chemnitz shows it

NINERS Chemnitz was the first sports club in the world to launch NFTs with a proven connection to real objects. This is made possible thanks to a new technology from the partner BeInCrypto Authentic.Network.

The NINERS Chemnitz have been selling items from the basketball cup final against Alba Berlin under the name NFT on the club’s website since yesterday. For the first time, an East German club, the NINERS, managed to climb into the top 4 of the cup final. This was taken as an opportunity to issue NFTs. However, fans will be disappointed as all items on the club’s website are already sold out.

“So far the NFT market has only exploded in the virtual space. We are changing that with gummy, physical NFT.

The founding team of has been working on their “” product since 2016. is a sticker that links real objects to NFTs. Once stuck, it cannot be removed without destroying the sticker.

The NINERS are now making good use of this technology: they are the first sports club in the world to connect real sports objects with Web 3.0. The jerseys, match balls and posters of the teams in the final top 4 are covered with After the initial sale on the club’s website, the sale on OpenSea was planned. However, as the items sold out quickly, they are only available on OpenSea. The price there is between 0.0016 and 0.006 Ethereum. This is what the fan t-shirt looks like, for example:

Source: OpenSea; gummy link

Nine via mobile app – NFT as tamper-proof certificate works extraordinarily simply: For little money you can order a sticker on the homepage, stick it and hit it using the mobile phone app. Each object is unique thanks to the patented cryptographic code associated with the sticker.

The sticker is currently attracting strong interest from American professional clubs. In April 2022, the founding team is planning a roadshow and appearances at global conferences. Talks with the American professional league NBA will then follow. Christoph Jentzsch, co-founder of, sees sport as a great opportunity:

“Sport creates unforgettable moments. Finals, promotion, relegation or farewell matches are unmissable and leave behind special memories such as jerseys, balls, pennants or tickets. With you give these items a secure seal of authenticity and the ability to connect them to an NFT and thus make them tradable among other things.

Some American teams are already working on forward-looking projects: the Dallas Mavericks are issuing NFT tickets to benefit from fan resale on a percentage basis. In the future, co-ownership of memories or valuable rights will probably also be digitized as part of an NFT. Access to VIP tickets, discounts or meetings with players can also be symbolized by an NFT.


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