NFT and Metaverse concerts for the new album

March 18, 2022

Without American influences, rap as we know it today would be unthinkable. This is not new, even today hypes from the United States are assiduously embraced and incorporated into the German scene.

The situation is similar with NFTs. At this point, however, it’s not about the digital images themselves, but about the merging of rappers and tech hype.

Snoop Dogg, for example, is one of the hottest rappers in the NFT game and recently made big money with a drop for his album release.

From rapper to businessman

Arrest warrant to call the German Snoop Dogg would be an exaggeration. But like American rapper Amirap, Hafti has had a strong influence on German rap and has long been a part of the OGs. Moreover, both have also established themselves as businessmen in their own way over time.

And now Haftbefehl also plans to make his way into the NFT game. With the Berlin startup twelve x twelve, several drops are coming for the release of its album in June 2022. The parallels with the Amirap are well known: “Most of the time, the Americans show us how. The problem is that in Germany everything new is initially rejected.

Streaming services have had a major impact on the music scene lately. Often artists don’t earn as much from their songs anymore and the attention span for art has shrunk considerably.

NFTs could counter this development, and Hafti is not just about the money: “With streaming services, the value of music has recently been lost because artists and fans only focus on singles and that no one listens more intently to an entire album.Through NFTs, fans can purchase unique collectibles and memorabilia from their artists.

How does Hafti do?

With the Berlin startup twelve x twelve, the rapper has someone experienced in NFT campaigns at his side. Scooter and Til Lindemann, among others, have already benefited from the cooperation with twelve x twelve.

Haftbefehl is the first artist from the startup to be supported over the long term with an exclusive NFT campaign spanning several drops until the release of the new album in June 2022.

Unlike most NFTs, the rapper offers his for only 30 euros. The goal is to give his fans the opportunity to immerse themselves with him in the world of Web 3.0.

NFTs are critical mainly because of their power consumption. Jan Denecke, CEO and co-founder of twelve x twelve, addresses the problem as follows: “We keep energy and keystroke costs low, while providing our users with a smooth and efficient customer journey through smart contracts and payments. automated.”

That’s what the fans get

In total there will be five drops in different formats. First, the “Chabo Drop”, fans can expect exclusive merchandise, unique tokens, and VIP access to the Arrest Warrant Discord channel when purchasing an NFT.

Released on April 27, “Babo-Drop” also includes VIP access to the Arrest Warrant Metaverse concert. That’s right, Hafti doesn’t miss the Metaverse either, another similarity to Snoop Dogg. “NFTs create new opportunities not only to listen to your favorite artist as usual and buy the CDs, but also to be a part of the music,” is the hype rating.

The campaign is complemented by comics by hip-hop artist Carlos Garcia aka Calentura. The artist draws five comic editions exclusively for Hafti’s NFT drop, which is based on the rapper’s “1999” series of songs.

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