Municipal councilors submit several draft resolutions at the same time

The situation of the nurseries in Jüterbog has been intensely occupying city politics for weeks. More recently, the mayor and city councilors quarreled in late March over how things should continue going forward. Because the city lacks childcare places. Compared to other municipalities in Teltow-Fläming, the situation in Jüterbog is particularly dramatic.

Many parents report long wait times for child care spaces, short-term cancellations and staffing shortages. City councilors now agree that these are not good conditions for the development of the city. They demand immediate action from the top of the town hall. They now want to implement this quickly and consistently by resolution. Several draft resolutions have been submitted for the meeting on Wednesday 27 April – all signed by the 22 municipal councilors of Jüterbog.

No additional costs for further reports to Jüterbog

On the one hand, the mayor must be mandated to stop another report commissioned by the city. As city politicians explain, a reputable law firm has already prepared a report costing at least 13,000 euros, which, among other things, also gives a detailed statement on this issue and clearly explains the responsibilities with regard to bearing the costs for buildings and land.

Councilors are certain that a second report would not produce a different result either. “If you get a 32-page legal opinion from a specially commissioned law firm certifying in black and white that your own legal opinion is not valid, that should give the mayor pause,” said Erik Stohn (SPD).

Jüterbog should train again and provide an overview of the necessary funds

Arne Raue (WsJ) has not been deflected from his course and recently fired against his own ranks. City councilors ignored his warnings for two years, he says. He recently received heavy criticism for it from Paul Unger (FJB) and Alexander Struck (WSJ). As Struck explained to MAZ, the administration clearly has a duty to do something to improve the situation. He expects the mayor to try to find solutions and not cling to a hopeless legal dispute. In his opinion, he should put his personal feelings aside when it comes to city kids.

As Struck had already announced, there will also be a draft resolution with which the city should be responsible for training educators and administrators in the field of education. A resolution was also tabled to table the draft budgets earlier and list the funds needed to make up for the renovation delay in both daycares and elementary schools.

The mayor is also not very insightful when it comes to custodial advice

City councilors are sure that further discussions will not lead to the goal. Because Arne Raue (WsJ) has not changed his mind. This also became clear during the last consultation at the “Glühwurmchen” nursery, which was attended by city councilor Maritta Böttcher (left) and Gabriele Dehn (SPD), chairwoman of the social committee. As Böttcher reports, the conversation there was just as disappointing as the other times before.

Thus, the mayor repeatedly repeated the same arguments. Then he only explained that he would like to invite Maritta Böttcher and Gabriele Dehn to get in his car and drive with him to the places where there was money. “I told him that I would definitely not get in his car,” Maritta Böttcher said angrily. “We are happy to make contact, but he has to do the rest himself.” As mayor and head of the department for education, youth and sport, that is simply his job.

City politicians fear damage to Jüterbog’s economy

Due to poor healthcare conditions in the city, city councilors also fear economic damage in the future. From his point of view, Jüterbog would have the opportunity to develop further and thus inject more income into household coffers. The Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, Clemens Neumann (SPD), therefore believes: “Sufficient childcare facilities are important not only for the inhabitants of Jüterbog, but also for the future growth potential of our city.

By Isabelle Richter

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